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OCR01673 - Radical Dreamers "Confronto Finale"


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Wow, this track really suprised me. The fusion of various genre elements was done incredibly well, yet it still carries some of your signature production techniques and sounds (I could definitely hear the TEEM.ROKIT and REAKTR1 in there, and even a little Final Panic). Everything is crisp and clean and the dark, tense vibe is there. Even not knowing the source I would assume this was from a boss battle or some similar climatic event. What a great track, definitely represents the high quality and intricacy of the project as a whole.

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Very nicely done, I remember this being one of the first tracks done for the project, and it is definitely one of the stronger tracks on the whole album; great mix of different styles, and a very strong progression throughout. Orchestral elements were nice, and the percussion is easily my favorite part.

The end is where this really comes together, very nice use of all the elements.

Killer work, one of my favorites from tweek. Recommended.

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Mighty. Interesting genre-hopping here, without feeling like it was all crammed in there for effect or variation or another lame reason. This flows nicely (or mightily?) from beginning to end. It's end might be a little too far, as the track does get old after a while. It doesn't feel stretched, it's more like there was no end planned for this, so it just went on and on. And that's not encessarily a bad thing.

Also, gotta love them reverse snares. :D

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It's interesting, this track has gotten pretty overlooked, probably due to most people's lack of familiarity with the source (I'm not familiar myself admittedly).

The flow for this song is pretty nice though - things are kept pretty interesting throughout, and I really don't see anything that sticks out complaint-wise here.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01673 - Radical Dreamers "Confronto Finale"

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