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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2008 (Phase 3: Match-Ups, Mixing, March 16th Deadline


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I might as well give this a shot. Can we suggest songs yet, or is that another phase?

The Challenges:

Following Phase 1, there will be a 1 week period where any forum user can submit challenges. Be it from a game, or a specific song. Challengers MUST include a source tune for reference and ALL CHALLENGERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO NOT PICK SONGS THAT'RE TOO OBSCURE . This is merely a suggestion as the easier it is for a remixer to get a midi, or familiarity with a song, the more likely the finished project will be a quality piece of work. During Phase 2 each user is only allowed 1 challenge. ReMixers already in the challenge are allowed to issue challenges themselves.

Current Status:

  • Phase 2: Sunday, Febuary 3rd - Saturday, Febuary 9nd, 23:59PM EST

Pretty much.

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The Legendary Beast from Final Fantasy VIII when you are fighting Griever in the final four battles at the end of disc 4. I've yet to hear a remix out of this song and there is so much potential for bombastic evil-ness from this song. I'd love to hear a wretched remix (in a good way) come out of this song!

Sorry about that, here are some source tunes. (not officially, but what I could find from vgmusic.com that are fairly close)



First one is a tad better. Again, I'd love to finally see a remix of this one, no one on earth (that I've seen) has tried this one yet.

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You know, I've been wanting to get into the remixing scene. This would be a great excuse for me to learn the basics...

... If it were held in the summer. You're starting this at the beginning of a college semester, so I can't devote the time right now. :sad:

QFT. QFT so hard.

CHALLENGE: Chrono Trigger Boss Theme 1. Despite the ridiculous amount of CT mixes I have never seen this track get its due. Include background arpeggios from original in the mix.

Source tune.


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