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Arek the Absolute

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I'm down for an online tournament. I've never been in one that actually finished. I think it's impossible, but hey, I've been wrong before.

@Saulluz: Peach isn't as terrible as some other characters (looks over at Falcon), but she's far from the top. There are characters you could do much better to choose than Peach.

Zombie, I added you. Also, guys, I'm not that good. I just play like a fag.

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Note: These suggestions are made under the assumption that you want to compete at the competitive level (not necessarily entering tournaments, but being good enough to enter them). If you just want to play around and beat your friends, you're already good enough to beat the vast majority of non-tourney fags that you'll run across.

Now, no offense to anyone else, but you're definitely the best person I've played here outside of G-T, Arek and Atma. Your command of the basics of Brawl is pretty much perfect, but you're missing the level of advanced understanding of the game that will allow you to move on to the next level of skill. There were a few things I noticed that you didn't do, and that let easy KOs/damage slip through your fingers, such as:

-You didn't bair with GaW very much.

-You didn't tech-chase his dthrow, or do dthrow => dsmash.

-You didn't do Falco's chaingrab.

-You didn't do Falco's dash attack => usmash

-You didn't use Metaknight's dsmash until your last stock.

-You didn't do Lucario's chainthrow nor spam his utilt

-You didn't spam Shadow Balls.

All those things seem little at first, but the fact that you did beat my ICS WITHOUT any of that shows just how good you are, and how much better you could be if you incorporated some of those things into your gameplay. The Falcon vs. Falco and TLink vs. Lucario matches are the perfect example of your overall play style: you're right there, but you just couldn't seal the deal. If you'd just grabbed me with Lucario and thrown me in any direction, you would have won.

Mainly though, you have a lot of good characters, but no great ones. That comes from a lack of focus on a character/playstyle, I believe. I think that your Falco is your best character, followed closely by your Lucario. Your GaW and MK aren't bad, but those two are definitely your best. You should focus on those two, and learn everything about them, because once you do that, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

I know it's popular around these parts to bash Smashboards, but in all honesty it's the best resource out there for learning about Smash. I'm not some Smash guru; everything I say in this thread is either something I noticed through my own playing or something I learned from reading the various threads. Yes, there are alot of fags and noobs over there, but that's par for the course for an internet forum. Just ignore everything that is posted by someone with a yellow name; if it's a post by someone with a purple or red name, you can trust it. You'll have to sift through the posts by people with blue, green and orange names, because sometimes they post good things, but sometimes not. Read the guides and the character discussions, because you'll be glad you did.

Knowledge is the first step in beginning a competitive journey. Believe me, I tried to just jump in, and nothing prepared me for the terrible feeling of just not knowing what to do. Knowing your character's strengths and weaknesses, your opponents' strengths and weaknesses, your matchups, your counterpicks, your chaingrabs, strategies, gimps and what not is just as important as actually doing it. If you expand your knowledge base, I think you'll be all set.

I hope this helped.

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so watching this thread become active with players again i'm going to try and set up my internet connection at uni again for my wii and see if its good enough to play matches with

i've got my fingers crossed i need some brawl

This basically.

Although I need to get some component cables for my Wii first since I'm on an HDTV now. It's pretty much unplayable with the lag especially online.

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hoooray i got my net working after 3 so now jam is busy


we will play sometime though

sagat vega and balrog may be switchin rolls...


That reminds me, grabs are a technique that must be mastered by strenuous practice, my friends.

... and may the force be with you.

....jab grab...shield grab....grab grab...

grabbing is an easy technique that anyone can pick up

it is what you do after that matters

especially with wuigi

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