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Super Smash Bros Brawl

Arek the Absolute

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so watching this thread become active with players again i'm going to try and set up my internet connection at uni again for my wii and see if its good enough to play matches with

i've got my fingers crossed i need some brawl

This basically.

Although I need to get some component cables for my Wii first since I'm on an HDTV now. It's pretty much unplayable with the lag especially online.

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hoooray i got my net working after 3 so now jam is busy


we will play sometime though

sagat vega and balrog may be switchin rolls...


That reminds me, grabs are a technique that must be mastered by strenuous practice, my friends.

... and may the force be with you.

....jab grab...shield grab....grab grab...

grabbing is an easy technique that anyone can pick up

it is what you do after that matters

especially with wuigi

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Jam, what is Lucario's chain grab? I know if you're facing a noob, you can chain his side-b (which I do regularly against my friends), but against anyone who knows how to DI, it's not very effective.

Grab-release chaingrab on certain characters at low percentages. I'm not exactly sure who it works on though.

Also, I was going to post that, Red Shadow! I might do it as well. It's free, so why not?

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after playing bleck and atma i need to really play you jam

i think the ladder is about to be changed around a bit if what i am thinking about is true

So will Bleck be the new Balrog of the bunch with Arek and Jam still as Vega and Sagat?

I don't think I care enough about Brawl to take part in any tournaments anymore.

Hey Arek that was pretty good. I actually needed to use some of my better characters to win instead of just SONIC. Also I gotta stop trying to attack you while you just up tilt me. Luigi's up tilt's somehow eats through EVERYTHING.

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DI up. The only way to get out of that shit :3 Trying to attack me back only works *from what I experienced when I spam it at tournies* if you are mario who has an equally annoying nair as Luigi's.

I am also trying to seriously cut back on the up tilting. I hope I didn't do it too much on the later matches.

sidenote: OMG PEACH

awesome sidenote: i totally up b'd a bobomb

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the only chain grab that takes any remote kind of practice, if you will, is all the fun shit you can do with the ice climbers

Y'know, that reminds me, I have a hard time grabbing characters like Marth/Ike; their swords! Too much reach! Slapping you across the stage from across the stage! Okay, 'cuz I have been playing against the hardest(Marth/Roy) on Melee for a while; other people use 'em to death, but that's because they kick ass.

I should be getting a Wii very soon, now that I'm going to get hired (finally)


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Roy definitely does not kick ass.

Just practice perfect shielding. There's zero shield-stun after a perfect shield, so you can shield-grab them immediately afterward.

EDIT- Also, if anyone wants to play, I'm getting online now. But I may drop suddenly, so be warned. I'll be back on later if that's the case.

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