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How do you auto-cancel stuff?

Auto-canceling is basically allowing a move to complete it's animation while you're still in the air, which reduces your landing lag. Also, certain moves auto-cancel on their own (alot of Metaknight's moves auto-cancel, as does ROB's nair, D3's nair, Sheik's fair, etc.)

For example, try the ICs up-air. If you try to land too soon, they will fall over and there will be a noticeable amount of time in which you can't do anything. However, if you time it right, the animation for the move ends, and as soon as you land you can perform another move.

Some moves can't be auto-canceled though. Ganondorf's fair is almost impossible to auto-cancel; even if the animation for the punch ends while your still in the air, when he lands, he'll drop to one knee, which leaves you extremely vulnerable.

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SN: BraD

My Brawl FC: 4425-2959-5379

I can only play on weekends though. =\ Regardless, let's see if I can take anyone on without being screwed over by lagggggg.

I'm in Alaska (Fairbanks) as well, and I've tried fighting other people on OCR only to have it be practically unplayable due to lag. I've played with some people in Anchorage and other places in AK though, and it's been fine. At any rate, I'm not on very often lately, but I'm sure that we'd be able to have fairly lag-free matches if we ever fought. My code is 2492-3979-7578, SN C.Hit. I'll add you tonight, PM me if you ever want to set a time to play, or maybe I'll just see you on by chance sometime.

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A friend came over and we recorded some matches. Here's his Youtube page:


Check back regularly, there are alot more matches he's going to upload.

The only one I'm going to try and justify is when I was Captain Falcon the first time (I was green), and I got 4-stocked. In that match, my controller just ceased to function. I couldn't dash, or fast fall, or even move basically. The others are just me either playing really well or really poorly.

But I'm definitely calling controller johns on that Falcon match.

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