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OC ReMix Debuts Remodeled Store!


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I've spent some time redesigning our store and incorporating it more with Amazon. You can take a look here:


The new layout and organization highlight certain items at Amazon that we either believe are excellent tools for ReMixing, or that we think just plain rock. You can also search the entirety of Amazon using our interface, and each time you buy through Amazon via our store, you help pay for our bandwidth/hosting costs. Our ads have decreased lately, bringing in less than enough to cover the costs of hosting the site, so we appreciate all the help we can get.

I also redesigned the gateway links to eStarland for buying OC ReMix shirts and hoodies - it should be more intuitive now, with direct links to sizes that shouldn't present intermittent empty search result pages like we saw previously.

We'll be restocking on hoodies soon, so be on the lookout!



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Ordered me IMA and ESCM, and a 2 GB micro SD card for my cell phone.8-)

Thanks - every little bit counts! The more people we can get using our amazon store, the better.

I plan to talk about site costs in the State of the ReMix, so everyone can get an idea of just what's involved - using our store really will help!

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