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Writers Strike.


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I'm actually enjoying the strike for a couple reasons:

1) No pressure to watch my favorite shows means I don't have cable ($weet!), and for hockey I already produce the broadcasts so I'm watching them anyways.

2) As a potential future writer, I want the best bang for my buck when I get a job. That means that I want the new media contract to be chock full of incentives and 2008-2009 to be "the good ol' days for screenwriters" when I'm reminiscing while in my big office chair yuk yuking it up.

3) According to my final Radio-TV-Film textbook, people find watching television less enjoyable than cleaning, laundry, or doing the dishes. So do some housework, people!

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The second season of Heroes was trash. Not excited.

This season of Lost is awesome. Excited if they can whip up the other eight episodes in time to air continuously.

I read on lost-media.com that they're planning on doing five more episodes, and extending season 5 by three episodes.

I'm really glad that we're getting that at least.


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Define 'crap' because I think TV is still in pretty fine form even with the lousy pilot episodes. Also, I have a high (IE VERY HIGH) tolerance of reality shows so that helps too.

Also, the recent episode of Jericho was just amazing. Too bad it'll get canceled again due to low ratings, just like with all the great TV shows.

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