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New Metroid Metal track came out today!


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I really hope that most of you OCR folk know about Metroid Metal. A search didn't reveal any previous MM threads so hopefully this isn't redundant. Either way, I think that the musical/video game based community here would appreciate this.

Metroid Metal is, in my opinion, possibly the best collection of Metroid songs remixed as heavy metal covers. Stemage, the mastermind of this whole thing, has spanned a good portion of the series. He did nearly all of the Metroid Tracks, as well as some of the 'hits' from Metroid II, Super Metroid, and Metroid Prime.

Well, just today, Stemage released his newest song: a combination of the Metroid Prime 3 Main and Bryyo themes! 7 minutes of some of the best Metroid fan-made music I've heard. In particular, the acoustic part really gets me.

Share and enjoy, and use this thread for other MM discussion if you want.

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i really, really, really hope everyone here has taken a good listen to the metroid metal library. stemage has been at this for almost 5 years now and has heavily influenced quite a number of people to participate in this hobby (read: obsession) of ours.

what strikes me the most about his latest foray into arrangements is that even though the arranging and performance are both becoming more and more complex, the core sound of that which makes it metroid metal is still the same. even with changes like a new software drum kit or chunkstyle adding his awesome bass licks, it hasn't changed that great feel at all.

go forth and listen. this is still yet another amazing track in a great library.

-= george =-

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My mixes are always heavily Stemage influenced.

I'm a bigger fan of your music, but Stemage is great in his own way. Also, that Legacy of The Wizard medley you made, despite its problems, is cool as hell. I also think your band did the best job ever on Kraids theme.

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