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Zelda: Oracle of Ages 'Essence of Lime' [See community board]

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We've released! See the community thread for links and comments.



Essence of Lime is an unofficial remix project covering the soundtrack of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Music appearing only in Oracle of Seasons will not be covered...yet. stay tuned


I announced this album as a one-man remix project in May 2008. Hence the citrusy pun on "essence of time." Gradually, people offered their help until the project was finally "officially" opened to other remixers. The project was completed in June 2010.

Project forums (contributors, please join)

Full track list here (all tracks finished)

Signature banners

If you link them anywhere, link them to this topic.

The_Maverickk (official project artist)

Lime, Maku Tree (present) - 400x70

Harp of Ages (past) - 400x70

Link (present) - 400x70

Nayru (past) - 400x70

Game cartridge - 150x150

Hangman Delta

Link closeup - 400x70

Hylian Lemon

Link sprite (light background) - 400x70

Link sprite (dark background) - 400x70

Link sprite (light background) - 150x150

Link sprite (dark background) - 150x150

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Sounds great to me. I looked for the source track at vgmusic and I couldn't find anything about an intro scene. That said, I think the mix becomes very good very quickly, but the strings in the beginning sound pretty synthy against your lush pizzicato strings until the drums and 8-bit bleeps and blips come in. After that, things mesh really well. The arpeggiating square wave that comes in about halfway through seems a bit piercing. Maybe cutting it in and out would add some interest and tone it down? Tempo change near the end was nicely done. Overall, really great stuff.

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Thanks for the comments! I'll work on that stuff.

In the meantime, I have this youtube video with the intro music in it. Vgmusic does have the first part of the intro (listed under Oracle of Seasons, since it's the same song), but not the rest of the source I included in the remix.

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1:11 and 2:17 sounds a tad too loud, it sorta hurts because it's so high pitch. It sounds pretty awesome so far, but I would say to watch the really high pitch square noises, especially the ones that are held for a long time. Also, the flute's tone quality annoys me, it's so prominent but it sounds fake and it could sound a lot better with a better flute. However, I really liked what you have so far, keep it up!

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  • 2 weeks later...

All right, new version! You would not believe how hard it is to edge my way onto our laptop (our desktop is waay too old to sustain much Fruity Loops action).

[link removed]

So what's new?

-Cloned string track a couple times, raised and lowered clones an octave, lowered volumes of the clones (I heard this was a good technique). And I messed with the string velocities a bit in the intro.

-Toned down the high-pitched eardrum raids of the main synth

-Looked for another flute sample for forever, but couldn't find one that sounded good in the song

-Ended up pairing one of the better flutes with the original

-Made flute echoey in the intro

-Added a bit in between the two slowdowns at the end of the song

-Adjusted some instrument volumes, especially the bass

So let me know how it sounds!

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  • 3 weeks later...

All right, I'm going to send you a message with some more details and guidelines and whatnot.

In other news, I have been busy on my PRC entry this week, but I have gotten some feedback for this track on the irc channel. Once I get back home on July 7th or so, I'll get back to work on this (expect more material in the middle).

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  • 4 weeks later...

SLyGeN: I'm not sure subpar recording equipment would be worth the effort, but thanks for the offer.

After having received feedback on #ocrwip, I have made some changes, so here we go. Links have been updated.

[link removed]

Mainly I've added about a minute of new material in the middle. I've also altered the ending a bit because multiple people felt that the tempo shouldn't slow down twice in such close proximity.

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Yes, a double post, but with good reason! It is time to move on. Essence of Lime [the remix] will remain open to critique for a while, but after a while I'll lock it in for submission to places and whatnot.

The big news is: I have a new track to present!

[link removed] (Wing Dungeon - source in video below)

This is a collab between chickenwarlord and me, and we decided to try something a bit interesting. We both created two or three short clips, completely unrelated to each other. We then decided on an order and fused them together into one song. The result is a remix with a variety of moods and styles that suddenly change into each other (hence the title). I think it's rather fitting for a dungeon in which your two most important items are so different - bombs and a feather.

Because of this, I'm not sure if the judges here would even accept it after reworkings. However, either way, we are still interested in feedback, so shoot away.

Source - Wing Dungeon

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Oh my god. Just oh my god.

Seriously, Oracle of Ages was one of my fondest memories as a kid. Thanks for doing this project guys, its brought a lot back (EssenceofLime's been playing for hours on a constant loop XD).

Are you going to do Ralph's theme at some point? Just asking.

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Yes, yes, Ralph's theme is a must. Right now I have several other songs under construction, though.

I have a lot of memories of Oracle of Ages, too, which is why I started the project. Huddled in the stuffy closet, straining to see the screen, using a pair of headphones because the speakers didn't work...but thoroughly enjoying it. It was my first Zelda game.

Anyway, thanks for posting, and I'm glad I have pleased a fellow OOA fan. XD

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I've been working extra hard this week to bring you...

[link removed] (Mermaid's Cave, Cave - Sources below)

This one was inspired by Darkesword's amazing Metroid Prime work. That's not to say it's anywhere near as good, but I'm feeling pretty darn good about it.

Anyway, there are now three tracks open for critique. Feel free to comment on any of them.


Mermaid's Cave


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hmm, looks like somebody made the title more official/clear while I wasn't paying attention. Nice, nice.

And thanks for the comments. Yes, Skull Dungeon is one of my favorite songs, so it will be remixed for sure at some point. Right now chickenwarlord and I are putting together a house/Maku Road remix, and I have several other tracks in their beginning stages. Not to mention I plan on tweaking Ripples of Time a bit in the near future (I was told that it has too many breaks).

School's started, and I have several work-intensive classes this year (aaahh), but I'll do my best to keep going. The worst that could happen is that I'll take a little longer than usual to come out with new tracks (I know, I know, "I didn't know that was possible").

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  • 2 weeks later...

[link removed] has been updated to fill in some of the breaks. Make sure to post any comments you may have about it, even if they're like "I liked the first one better D:"

Just make sure to be specific about it.

Also, I'd like to call [link removed] done. If anyone has some critique for it, they'd better speak up before my next update. Mmkay?

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The house/Maku Road collab is taking a bit longer than expected, but in the meantime...

[link removed] (Moonlit Grotto)

Significance of title

The item of Moonlit Grotto, the seed shooter, can shoot any of your seeds like a slingshot. However, unlike the slingshot from Seasons, this shooter can send seeds at 45-degree angles, letting them ricochet off a couple walls before having their effect.

Source - Moonlit Grotto

Oh, and due to nobody posting anything at all since my last post, the first track will remain open a little longer.

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