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Final Fantasy IV DS


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I'll be GALUF in ten years.

Also FF5 and 6 remakes aren't as likely as everyone seems to think. FFV didn't do that well in either territory the first time, and FF6 is pretty much only liked over here, thanks to good old Woosley. I'm not saying it won't happen, but just don't expect SE to get right on it. Especially with rumors of Nintendo's "DS Blue" E3 announcement floating around.

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You know, I love the Final Fantasy games, but I only ever finished 6 and 7.

1 - gave up

<snip> ... gave up

FFIV comes out three weeks before I leave for law school, so my last three weeks of freedom will be devoted thereto. Maybe I'll finish that one. I think I get bored with these games too quickly. I love the Tales games, and have finished almost all of them, but the FF games just don't hold my interest as long.

Sounds like you gave up on too many of 'em, however - I only play the FF's with story. The beautiful part of the Square RPGs is that there are series for everyone... just about. While I'm commenting - the best of success with Law School, XZero!

My Ten Cents...

FFIV: My introduction to SNES RPGs as a whole, and the beginning of my life-long love affair with Squaresoft - hey, that's what it used to be...

FFVII: Tried, tried, tried - but got tired of the battles and cumbersome leveling. Still, love the characters, music, and story.

FFIX: Instantly infatuated with the story, though it took me a little bit of getting used to the bobble-head character design. I flat-out amazed by the smoothness of the animation and the cinematic style of the game in general. This soundtrack is one of my favorites, naturally - with "You're Not Alone" still right up top.

FFX: There are a number of noticeable flaws in this game - animation transitions, for instance, but those are easily forgiven. I have to admit that one of my peeves is the change in music styles one from composer to the next. All is forgiven if Nobou's been devoting himself to FFIV DS... need I say I love the characters in this one? Tidus' voice acting grows on you, he sounds like a twerp at first.

Oh... and how many people here are old enough to recognize the influence of "Someday the Dream Will End"?

FFXII: Fantastic story, immense world development, but the epic music really isn't memorable! As I'm in the midst of playing it - moreso aching to play FFIV DS, we'll see how it goes. It is thoroughly enjoyable, and worth the time! How many CGs are on this thing I wonder? It's incredible.


FFIV DS: First impressions... Cecil sounds try to his whiny self. Good! Unless I'm mistaken the VOs are British, are they not? The graphics look impressive, top notch for the DS. Frankly I'm amazed the whole things going to be Voice Acted. Yeesh... I understood that there is MORE prologue story playable in the DS version, compared to the GBA's version's epilogue... some trailers show Cecil walking into Mysdia as a player controlled character.

Too much to hope?

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UncleVisen Wrote:

Sounds like you gave up on too many of them

You know, I never actually sat down and thought about it before that post, but I had the same thought when I looked over how many I gave up on. Oh well... (thanks for the law school comment, btw!)

That "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!" thing was funny, but I honestly don't see whyyyyyy (sorry) writers/directors/actors think that screaming out "Noooo" or "Whyyyy" is ever a good idea. It tends to get more laughs than empathy in many situations (this, Darth Vader in Ep. III, etc). Well, here's hoping the rest of the voices came out well. If not, maybe DQIV will be nice and silent.

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