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Halo 3 game group: "The Cakearmy"


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Welcome to the Halo 3 thread.


>>The Cakearmy (Bungie.net remod group, create a bungie account and apply now!)

Do you own a 360? Do you own Halo 3? Do you not completely hate it? Do you yearn for the grandiose days of console FPS multiplayer MADNESS!?

Then you are at home. To partake in these endeavors you must have:

-1 Halo 3 videographic entertainment optical disk.

-1 largebox threesixty.

-1 largebox living golden subscription.

-2 thumbs

-1 master chief

Chances are, if you have a 360, you probably have this game, since it's forcefully shoved down our throats by Microsoft 24/7. But do not judge a book by it's overbearing marketing or fanbase with a collective IQ of 70! Do not! Beneath the slime of overexposure lies a multiplayer game of great depth and customization, with several possibilities and the nurturing support of dear Bungie.

But moving on to the purpose of this forum string.

Here I will attempt to gather people wanting to play multiplayer Halo 3. I don't mean just Custom Slayer Games #4123124.

I mean organized ventures into the crazy land of MATCHMAKING, inane map editing in Forge, the setting up of dioramas to take wicked-ass screenshots (Can we strive for the fabled Recon armor? Yes we can.) and brainstorming and creating fucked up gamemodes. Overall, this is a thread dedicated not only to blowing shit up but also to fully harnessing the power of Halo 3's tools.

We would agree upon game times and use a voting procedure to determine what we'll do in the next session. If you guys agree, I'll try to recruit guys from .org and OCRemix, mainly in the interest of expanding the player base. Ideally, we should have more then 16 players, since people always miss these things.

For now, I'd like to see if people want to do this, and if there's enough adhesion in ReMod, I'll expand. All you have to do right now is state if you wish to play and your ideal playing hours (I'll try to adapt but I don't like playing at 4 in the morning :( ), plus your GamerTag.

Finally, all participating players will require a Bungie.Net account, which will be useful for file and screenshot transfers since we'll be using a File Share a lot, which can be much more easily accessed through the website. Plus, wicked awesome stats and numbers. And we all love that.

I took this from the ReMod forums. I mainly started this endeavor there, but if people from here want to join, feel free to do so. Just apply for membership at The Cakearmy here:


You MUST have a bungie.net account linked up to your LiveID, it makes filesharing easier. I know I'm an alt, I guess I'll get banned for this or something, but it's for the greater gaming good. Anyone in? Note that the group is still in its early stages (read: slayer game #1235523) but that's not a bad thing, it's still more fun then matchmaking!

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