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Sonic & The Black Knight coming for the Wii


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Oh man, that series is sweeter than chocolate covered sugar cubes. Episode 6 is especially amazing. Yet episode gets special mention for the best 8-bit fighting scene ever created. People who check that out ought to give this a view as well:


Not only does it have a contribution from the creator of Super Mario Bros Z., but it's just an enjoyable/thrilling flash in general.

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These were mentioned in another thread a while ago... It's where I first discovered the series. Quite entertaining. I love what this guy does with fight scenes.

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Sega wouldn't sell off Sonic unless they were desperate for cash.

Speaking of cash, Sega needing cash could explain why Sonic team pumps out these turds.

Unsuspecting kids are lured into a trap that no kid can escape: The colorful Sonic cover!

The end result, as we all know, is many :c

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