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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff


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Cave > Badwater. Fact.

Personally, I like Badwater a lot more. There's just a lot more angles for the attackers to go from, while Cave is pretty cluttered, making it terribly hard for soldiers and giving a lot of power to demos.

I can add Cave back into the rotation if people want though.

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OK, I can tell everyone right now that this server isn't going to work out:

The system's hardware apparently isn't powerful enough to support a TF2 server even under half load. Right now, the single core server is operating at a load level of 1.59... This is the average number of processes waiting to be executed; the ideal number is 1 (or less) for a single core server.

Now, it could be that the server doesn't have enough RAM (it's using >700MB of virtual memory, up from 0 prior to the TF2 server running) and this is causing the CPU to spend more time moving things in and out of real memory, but this server isn't exactly new either (P4 2.6Ghz with 1GB of RAM).

Edit: I don't know how (or possibly don't have access to) the hlstatx configuration, or else I'd switch it back to the old server and turn the old server back on.

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because she plays engineer just as much as medic

also lots of demo

if you couldn't tell, i loveeee playing medic. but i haven't actually played that much engie since the stats reset. for some freak reason i've played scout even more than engie, that's weird :shock:. But definitely engineer and medic get you lots of points.

top score does not mean most skill, it usually means most time played

lol and this is definitely true.

Yeah but bonzai doesn't have a soul, therefor, doesn't count.

....WHAT. lol

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