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VIDEO TUTORIALS! What do you want to see? (New videos posted)

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I think this idea of video tutorials is great Zircon. Perhaps you could spend like a whole 10 minutes on a concept, lets say a drum beat, and go through different elements like layering samples, compression, amount of reverb to use on different drum elements, use of a user-created drum pattern vs drum loops, layering both user created patterns and loops together, etc. I think people may appreciate you really breaking down the concepts, of course you have to be careful not to give too much of your own style away in the process lol.

I was thinking of doing keyboard videos, shortcuts on how to play the keyboard, a series of them like a short course. Video tutorials could be another way for remixers to contribute...although you were first Zircon!

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Wow- these videos are seriously helpful, zircon. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Personally, I'd like to see an in-depth video covering how you mix all of the instruments together into a beautiful soundscape. Specifically, if you could show a bunch of different EQ settings you use for various things (and how you choose them), as well as how you position different instruments in different virtual locations so they sound balanced and don't all bleed together, that would be especially enlightening.

Can't wait for the next one, whatever the topic. Thanks again.

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How were these videos captured anyway?

I'd like to see some details on phasing - that is, how you manage to get phasers synced and at the frequency you want them to be at any given time. I really like phasers but using them without having any control over them makes everything sound really cheap instead of high-tech and cool.

Also more details on how to make things sound louder without actually making them so, as well as the arcane arts of making every instrument audiable at all times (which would probably require an entire encyclopedia to go though all of, but any info would be helpful here).

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First of course, THANK YOU Zircon for sharing your experience with us in this way, it will be helpful to say the least. Any contribution you make is a very generous gesture and will be appreciated whatever it may be.

Trust me, the actual work process is incredibly uninteresting... With me, 95-99% of my time working on music is spent figuring out what I want to write or do, and then the remainder is spent actually doing it. I can work incredibly quickly if I know what I'm going for, the problem is that I hardly ever do. So, it makes more sense for me to explain what I did after the fact...

That being said if you want more depth, I can do that.I'm honestly worried about simply being boring...

To see an accomplished remixer craft a remix from the ground up would be supremely helpful IMO. Personally I don't care if it is a boring video, its helpfulness would infinitely outweigh the boredom, for me anyway, though I doubt it would be boring.

If you can work fast once you know what you are doing, would it be possible to do a remix from scratch with the purpose of simply getting to the end with a sonically solid and polished product? You would not need to labor much over specifically what is being written, composition, if the goal the whole time is completing and capturing the remix process instead of the remix itself.

How does that idea sit with you? I know this sort of separation is much harder for some people than others. If you were to do it, I assure you that as I said, helpfulness will nullify boringness I am positive. A path may be boring, but it will show the way for those who want to go somewhere :arrow: Take us there! lol

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I'm not letting this thread die without another video! I just rewatched the Monstrous turtles one and really liked how you did it. I don't necessarily care what the next one is about because I know you'll choose a good topic, but I think even a basic video of what sort of software you use and your sounds etc. would be very interesting.

Also as a side note when playing the monstrous turtles .avi in Windows Media Player the video gets really far behind the audio, it's like it's playing at half speed.

Thanks for taking the time!

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on the building a remix over time dealy, I would recommend handling it like this guy is with dwarven fortress (ascii game most of you wouldn't care about)


he's been doing this over 3 months. Basically, whenever something substantial happens, he'll drag up his recording software, and recap what he did/will do/is doing. He shows what then when on, and how to do it.

warning, if you end up watching the entire thing, it's around 2.5 hours of 10 minute segments.

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