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MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009


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All the pictures posted so far are definitely making me wish, like Dhsu, I had cloned myself, so that I could have spent more time with everyone who was awesome.

Umm, Starla? Why is JoeCam about to fist someone in one of your pics?

Some of my highlights include:

The invention of the awkward penguin.

Massive room 1308 spooning and then Avaris, Prophet, and me fighting on the bed for unknown reasons.

Making every toast to something, and then OA insisting we also make it "to world peace".

The concerts....Smash and Metroid were sooo rocking.

The DJ sets - my legs are STILL sore from that, no joke.

Every comment made during the Settlers of Catan games.

Seeing OA plastered during DoD.

As always, random dictochats.

All Jamspace acts - I was thoroughly impressed with everyone.

Doing impromptu music with people who's work is incredible - Ken's stage, Millenial Fair, Thieves of Fate, it was all ridiculous.

and much much more!

I wont keep rambling on about it, but I'd just like to summarize MAGfest as one big giant "best of the gaming community" hug that lasts for well over 72 hours. Congratulations again to Pixietricks and Zircon for their engagement, and to bLiNd and Jade on their honeymoon. I simultaneously want to and do not want to see the amazingly-white dancing I did to the dj's set on Saturday.

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I had a super great time this year, and it was fantastic to meet everyone. I'd make a list to show how serious I am, but really, if I met you, I was really happy to. This is an amazing community, and a good chunk of it coming together in person at a great event is indescribably excellent! Thanks to everyone who was so welcoming to me, I can't wait for next year. :-)

ps. <3 to you too joecam, I'll seek you out next MAG and we can have a fraternal chest bump or something. :-D

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Damn, I am just realizing right now that I have once again seemed to ninja my way out of every pic that was taken at MAGfest.

You don't catch the Kroze, the Kroze katches you!

Hah, not really Kroze, I got like one or two of you I think. And I'm sure there will be an abundance of Kroze video from the JamSpace and whatnot.

because I temporarily become an uberfanboy :D

That VR Troopers thing was seriously another highlight of the trip. Instant dork connection, hard to explain it. We peoples just stick together. MR. BODY MASSAGE MACHINE GO!

:( I joined a PMD group on facebook.

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Wow, well very nice to meet you too, Jimmy aka Big Giant Circles. I was bummed when I read the earlier post before MAGFest saying you were going to have to sit this one out, so it was a nice surprise to see ya there.

And how many others here agree that bLind and Jade are like, the perfect couple? They just seem truly made for eachother. Of course, the same could be said for Zircon and Pixietricks, getting all lovey dovey on the OCR panel in front of everybody. :)

It was also a huge surprise to run into Tommy again, as well as Grant from RARE and the others. To have the guy who wrote the music to Goldeneye look at ya at say "I love your stuff" is just beyond awesome. It's also a great indication that the community in general is branching out from fans only, and slowly merging with the professional world as well. Heck, HD Remix proves that too. Who knows what 2009 will hold?

And indeed, major kudos to Brendan. We all appreciate your hard work man.

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Hopefully the first of many to come. You guys are so lucky to hear Metroid Metal live. One of my favorite tracks of Stemege's work...sounds sweet live.

Glad those who went had fun. I need more videos so I can at least live the experience. :P

Do you have the original video files? Could you possibly upload/send all of them zipped up or something to us? (Mail a DVD?) We're trying to collect as many possible alternate angles + stills as possible for videos.

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Aw shit. Drunken rapping mp3 has appeared!


Josh "Zen Albatross" Kopstein - Phat Chip Hop Beetz

Joe "Joe Cam" Cammisa - Drunken hollering

Alex "A_Rival" Esquivel - Drunken freestyling

Steve "D-Rux" King - Sober whiteness

Really wish there was more crowd noise in the mix. I know the crowd was louder than that and it kind of makes it seem like there were only like a dozen people in the room.

Note to self: Don't be AS drunk next year if rapping again.

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