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MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009

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Uhhh...it was the big giant room with like a million TVs and every game ever. And Street Fighter 4. It was behind the vendors and the arcade games in the ballroom. It was pretty epic.

Yeah it's the one he set up his 360 in for Rock Band.

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My Rock Band setup was the shit because I had so many songs.

But seriously, it was there for 3 days and you fuckers couldn't get me ONE achievement?


I walked in the game room like three times. Spent the rest of the time drunk, rapping and serving hot dogs.

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If by every game, you mean fucking Super Smash Bros 400,000x.

The game room just wasn't as fun this year as it used to be. Too much smash, not enough diversity.

<3 the Ataris, though. That shit was HOT

I brought my PowerGlove and other obscure shit, like Ikaruga, Secret of Mana and Contra 3.

Fuck your Rock Band. :wink:

But my main problem was there were too few working NESs and even a few 16-bit systems were giving me problems. The staff really needs to fit their NESs with some of these...

Also, no DDR or Beatmania machines like last year, but that's another story.

Anyway, I finally got around to re-recording my DJ set tonight:

http://digamejh.melankolly.com/mixes/q-pa_Magfest_VII.mp3 (~50MB)

Like last year, it was recorded live to retain the same feel as the original. It's not perfect, just more error-free than the original set was.

Personally, this mix is quite astray; not as good as last year I think... As Neo said, the playlist was literally finalized like 2 hours beforehand. And even then it's just the highlights of a planned longer set, hence the fact that each song is a different subgenre and tempo (and not as meme-tastic as last year's was). I was trying to use my amateurish scratching skills to try and liven things up (since I couldn't dance as much due to the staging) but in the end, listening back, they just distract from the songs.

In other words, the mix is at that awkward stage between a tight, concise practiced set like last year, and a full-blown, evolving set like next year will hopefully be.

Next year will be off the hook though, I promise. 8-)

Picts & video coming this weekend. I like what I'm seeing so far though!

Edit: Neo & EK: Welcome to OCR! I was hoping for some cross-pollination between the 2 groups!

Edit 2: I apologize again for the track that "Italo Disco" is mashed-up with; I thought it fit and was funny. Besides, it was worth it to see some making-out on the JamSpace floor!

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Starting again. Everything worked beautifully right until after I posted and fell asleep. I have to test things as a guest once in a while.


Howard Drossin.


Lover Reef.


zircon and them.


Mr. Body Massage Machine.


Taucer, end of flip.


Lost by six damn points, WTF?


I don't get tired of watching Jer and Wes go at it on Tetris Attack.

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SF4 at MAG! Tatsunoko too!


Kirkhope. Gracious folks even after Q&A.


Finally, more vgmusic veterans! After nine years, Pongball and I meet for the first time. Nario on the left, Hale-Bopp second from right.


djp vs. DJSammyG.


Larry did what he could. His play-by-play reminded me of the Gamespot tournament, only much less terrible. Horyuken!


Nice work on the SF mural.




We got Smashed.


Then we crashed.


Jamspace, shmamspace; they do it wherever they feel like it.


bLiNd on the one and two. Awesome set.


Another group shot, Saturday night.


Better Than Suck.


Big Giant Mazedude Impression.

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Finally, more vgmusic veterans! After nine years, Pongball and I meet for the first time. Nario on the left, Hale-Bopp second from right.


Better Than Suck.

That montage shot is freaking awesome man.

Also, that's Grank Kirkhopes head above your shoulder in the top pic.

And I love how it looks like I do a slight DJP at the loop point of the gif.

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Oh, and I DEFINITELY interrupted James Rolfe in the Museum room playing Defender to sign my DVDs. I felt like a jerk a bit, but he was SO nice. I have nothing but respect for that man, and am eagerly awaiting his eventual encounter with Cheetahmen II....

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Gah! I missed meeting Hale-Bopp!? We need bigger name tags next year where everyone can write their names and handles HUGE so no one can possibly miss it.


Better Than [suck].

I'll let someone else correct our group's name (although as written, the description fits 8)). Otherwise, awesome shot man, thanks! Is it just me, or am I doing a spot-on Dave Matthews impression?


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Better Than Suck.

Jose! Thanks for this! It's def pro - keeping this for the group for later. Doug is officially our sixth member by default now. :-D

And this just confirms that the name is changing...ha. (suck = soc for those who know)

more updates about the future of our group in the works.

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In case you guys didn't notice by now, Stemege updated his site with MP3s of Metroid Metal live.


Man, sounds really good. I can see why all of you enjoyed the hell out of it in MAG. The quality of playing is just about the same as the originals. I've been a fan for a long while...and I'm glad that Stemege took the next step in playing his stuff live with a band.

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