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Composers Expo East - NYC, Sept 20th

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Posted this in another forum:

A few friends of mine tipped me off to this event, which is being hosted by Film Music Magazine in NYC. It's a one-day thing with various panels and discussions involving pro composers who make their living primarily from doing music for films, TV, video games, etc.


There's also a West coast version, in Los Angeles, on September 27th.

Now, even if you're not interested in music for film, for example, I think there are some very relevant panels for just about anyone in the biz. Check the schedule;


If anyone else from here is going, please let me know. We can all grab some lunch together. :)

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Considering there is an entrance charge and you're not a composer you probably wouldn't get much out of it... but for anybody in the industry it should have some good info and allow for nice networking opportunities.

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Wish I would've known about this myself. I would've gladly gone. Yeah yeah, I'm not a remixer (yet) and I'm still learning, but still, hearing about what these composes do on a daily basis and what they know, I think it's still relevant if you want to know what you're getting yourself into, at least, in a general sense.

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Was awesome. Jimmy and I got up at 6am and got there around 8am. Schmoozing the whole day up until 8pm... I met and talked to Tom Salta and Paul Lipson, president of AudioGANG, and pimped OCR. Tom was down for an interview which I'm sure Dave, Larry and I will be talking about soon. We also met a lot of other great guys, including Joel Douek, a TV composer that eerily reminds me of BT (and has gear to match.)

I spent most of my own time spreading the word about Impact Soundworks and our upcoming Sitar Nation sample library. Ended up getting back at about 11:45pm and immediately collapsed.. my voice was shot too. :P

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