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Supertux Mirror, Torrents Unavailable - UPDATED


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Aubrey has informed me that as of today, the Supertux HTTP mirror and torrent tracker will no longer be available. I'd like to personally thank him for making these resources available at no charge to OC ReMix over the years.

We are investigating the quickest way to bring the torrents back online, and will post a follow-up announcement when a new solution is in place.

UPDATED: We've got a temporarily solution that Aubrey's helped set up that should hold us for awhile, but the eventual plan is to move the tracker onto OCR's primary server and host it ourselves.

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A little warning would've been nice, but that aside, so long and thanks for all the fish.

The circumstances surrounding the unavailability on Aubrey's end were pretty sudden; he warned me as soon as he had the information.

I've spoken with LiquidWeb and they don't have a blanket policy against running a torrent tracker (long as we're not doing warez/pron/etc.), so migrating the tracker to our main box is one option, however I don't want to impact the actual website in terms of CPU/RAM utilization.... we'll see.

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And that means you can only download Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Hedgehog Heaven album via Bit-Torrent. :-(


That's not the only one that's down:

With supertux going down, it seems that a lot of the album pages are left mirror-less

A lot of the remix album pages still have supertux links: some projects list them exclusively, some list several non-working mirrors, and other album pages don't seem to load at all.

This is probably already known and being dealt with, but I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, so I thought I'd bring it up.

You know, just in case.

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I can donate new dedicated servers to OCR. I just PM'ed djp about that, I don't know if he reads all of his PMs though, anyway, here is my public offer :


I can donate dedicated servers, disk space, and trackers, as long as you provide me with the following information :

- how much bandwidth did the tracker use (average in Mbits/s or MB/day/week/month)

- how much disk space you actually need for the tracker itself, and/or the mp3 mirror

- what kind of access and/or services you need (which daemon, do you need rsync, ftp, sftp or whatever).

- if possible, tell me the current CPU / RAM usage.

These servers would be hosted at my school, with a dedicated gigabit optical carrier. I manage a server farm for my fellow students, and we have like 9 TB of available disk space and servers being used at less than 5%.

This costs us absolutely nothing besides disk space.


We are running most of our own services on Xen virtual machines (some still use fully dedicated hardware). If this suits you, I can give you one. We are in the process of finishing our infrastructure revamp, building our own self-monitored highly available cluster, which last piece will be the upcoming redundant internet connection (in a few months).


If anybody in charge of hosting here at OCR reads this, feel free to contact me.

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