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technically, all laptop drives are interchangeable to a point. is it an IDE interface (lots of pins) or a sata interface (l-shaped black plastic bracket)? you'd be surprised how cheap they are online. think as low as 50 bucks.

I haven't looked inside, yet, but that answered my question. Cheers.

Nice update to the first post. I can't think of a better way to organize it with a text-based system. If people know how to use CTRL-F, there should be no trouble finding anything.

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I'm listing the following stuff for sale.

For shipping, if I'm sending you just game discs or games with a small manual and you're in North America, I suggest a flat $5 wherever you are; it's easier than multiple trips to the post office to bug them about how much it costs to ship something somewhere. For larger packages, either those with a box or with multiple games and manuals (battlechests), I'll get you an actual quote for shipping.


Diablo Battlechest (full box & manuals): $20 plus s+h

Starcraft Battlechest (full box & manuals): $20 plus s+h

Oblivion + Knights of the Nine disc (all downloadable content) + Shivering Isles expansion (discs in third-party cases only, no manuals/boxes/official cases): $35 plus s+h

King's Quest I-VII package (2 CDs in official case; manual is in PDF format and contains codes for all KQ games that need them): $20 plus s+h

Myst I-V plus Uru: Complete Chronicles (Uru is in a jewel case; can't remember for anything else but I have whatever original packaging and manuals came with the software when I bought it) $40 + s+h


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (I bought it used in original case; disc is in great condition but can't remember offhand if it has a manual): $10 + s+h


Smash Brothers Brawl: $35 + s+h


Chrono Cross: $30 + s+h

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Thanks, Prophet. I also need a power-inverter for this laptop, though that's pretty obscure for this thread. I needed to fix my other laptop with a busted power inverter so I could use it for Halloween. Acting on a ballsy/stupid impulse, I looked at the power inverter from the hdd-less laptop and thought "Well, the model numbers have most of the characters in common.. let's try it!" So I put it in the inverter-less laptop.

It worked. :D Probably because they're both Sony Vaio's.

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For Sale :

Final Fantasy IX (GH), Everything is in great shape + manuals, $15 (Ps1) [Kaden]

Dragon Warrior VII (original), comes with original case + Manual, $25 (ps1)[Kaden]

Legend of Dragoon, comes with Manual, but not original casing. $15 (ps1)[Kaden]

300 movie on Blu-Ray, original case, $15 (movies)[Kaden]

Alf Issues 39 & 40, comes in original sleeve & looks in great condition, $5 (comics) [Kaden]

Full Metal Alchemist Art Book, Hard cover book, looks brand new, $20 (books)[Kaden]

Final Fantasy IX Art Book, corners are a little worn but looks good still, $20 (books)[Kaden]

Paint Shop Pro 7, Original CD, $15 (Pc Software) [Kaden]

Wants :


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Has it been stored in cases, period? I have played that game on scratched discs, and it gets to be aggravating.

If the discs are unscathed, I'll offer you $15 for a shipped copy.

Yes, the discs have been stored in cases. I got it used, and Disc 4 looks like it has a few surface marks, but nothing serious. and the other 3 discs are lookin pretty good.

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For Sale

Gameboy Advance

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon - $10 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Phantasy Star Collection - $10 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Nintendo 64

Goldeneye 007 - $8 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Killer Instinct Gold - $10 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Quake II - $5 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Super Nintendo

Art of Fighting - $5 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs - $7 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Fatal Fury - $5 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Inindo: Way of the Ninja - $12 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Mario Paint w/ Mouse - $8 + S&H, game/mouse [sobou]

Street Fighter II - $5 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Super Mario All-Stars - $10 + S&H, game only, two available [sobou]

Super Mario World - $7 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Super R-Type - $7 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Super Game Boy - $5 + S&H, cartridge only [sobou]

Sega Genesis

Battletoads - $7 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - $8 + S&H, game/case/manual [sobou]

Bram Stoker's Dracula - $3 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Columns - $3 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Kid Chameleon - $10 + S&H, game/case/manual [sobou]

The Revenge of Shinobi $8 + S&H, - game/case/manual [sobou]

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi - $4 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Shaq Fu - $3 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Sonic Spinball - $10 + S&H, game/case/manual [sobou]

Street Fighter II' Champion Edition - $7 + S&H, game/case [sobou]

Strider - $3 + S&H, game only [sobou]

Sub-Terrania - $8 + S&H, game/case/manual [sobou]

Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio w/ Mouse - $8 + S&H, game/mouse [sobou]

X-Men - $3 + S&H, game only [sobou]


Pokémon Silver - $10 + S&H, game only [sobou]

All the games should work fine, although I haven't played many of them in awhile. If you buy more than one, I'll cut a deal to keep S&H costs down, since I'm flat broke and can't pay to send stuff to you. PM for details.

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Yes, the discs have been stored in cases. I got it used, and Disc 4 looks like it has a few surface marks, but nothing serious. and the other 3 discs are lookin pretty good.

Let me sit on it for a bit. This thread is an impulse-buyer trap, and I don't want to throw too much coin around.

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