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I guess I should be more specific in what I am asking for.

The genesis games I am looking for are:

Toejam and Earl

Sonic 3

Sonic and Knuckles


Chakan The Forever Man

Earthworm Jim

Maximum Carnage

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion

Vectorman 2

Road Rash 2

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Pokemon Diamond - $25

Super Princess Peach - $10

Mario Kart DS - $20

Tetris DS - $30

Trauma Center: Under the Knife - $20

Nintendogs Best Friends (no case, came with the DS bundle) - $10

A few notes: Tetris DS is now out of print (Nintendo no longer holds the Tetris rights -- why they would only hold them long enough to print the game for like 6 months is beyond me), hence the higher price. New copies go for like $40-$50 depending.


Mass Effect - $20 shipped.

Free shipping! Gotta move stuff

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Hey, I've been thinking for awhile: I have access to a few good used videogame stores in my area. I've recently seen Okami (PS2) for $20 and various NES MegaMans for $10-15, among other deals.

I'd be willing to buy and mail whatever I can find to anyone provided they pay the price of the game and shipping. Should I PM people who want games that I have access to?

Also, something I'm looking for: Ikaruga for the Gamecube. I've heard so much about it, yet I have yet to see a physical copy anywhere.

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