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LOSER: A Sega Genesis Tribute Album

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I was wandering around the intarwebz the other day, when I came across this:


Now, I will not profess to be a massive fan of the Genesis (its way before my time :<), but having listened to the album, there's a pretty good line up. If you're keen on video game music, its got a good 39 tracks worth checking out.

Also, another video game artist I'll mention here (because they're on the album, but have some other game remixes) is the Red Wings (http://www.redwingsmusic.com/). They do rock/metal remixes of various game music, including one of Aerith's theme from Final Fantasy 7, and even Animal Crossing.

Two lots of vg music for you all to check out.

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I am on this

but Bucky and I have the only chiptunes :(

I saw your name, right after I pressed "submit", and thought "damn, should probably put that info in there". By the time I could get to it, you'd already said though :<

Still, its a nice track you did there :) Shame there weren't more chiptunes; they're underrated in the world of music, sadly.

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Was this a response to another post? It's odd how these types of things linger without context.

This is a tribute to the runner up of the 16-Bit console war, the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive). This is a collection of 39 tracks, new and old, for a console constantly considered full of suck.

I assume this is what was referred to.

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Although I do think the trumpet was a bit weak. He needs to play with more confidence.

Edit: I don't mind the name for the album. I grew up on Sega Genesis as opposed to SNES. I think the title fits, in an ironic sort of way. Jesus, this is a tribute album, you think they honestly feel the Genesis is a true loser?

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Despite it being almost entirely a straight cover, I like Big Head Mode's version of Mystic Cave Zone on this album, mostly because I'm a huge fan of the original, and this version really adds some power to it. My other favorites are the cover of Billie Jean, the ToeJam & Earl rap (great intro), and the "Sonic" track, which is nearly 8 minutes of awesome. I like the "Labyrinth Zone" song too, even though it's not a remix of the Labyrinth Zone music at all.

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