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OCR Tiles Project


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yeah, restraining me from spraying her with Raid


You know, if JigginJonT doesn't happen to garner the 1800 spot, the poor soul that does might have to endure that pic the rest of his/her ocr career. And that would be plain mean. So I hope we can all expect some new JJT... else for shame, Liontamer.

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What if they were made 32x32 and used as forum avatars?

Then Samus kills five kittens for everyone who uses one as their avatar. SHE'LL DO IT.

For "The Passing of the Blue Crown", OCR01723.


(taken from the MM4 load screen. but hey, mega man is mega man)

In case there isn't one, a standardized naming system might work best... like ocrtileXXXXX.w/e (lol and i didn't even adhere to it)

edit: never took an art class and the 3D world is literally beyond me.. but should the light ray be much thinner/wider at the top, and getting wider as it approaches the spot? I suppose the helmet appears to have a ray of light coming down like, stage left and in front of it...

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I think he meant animated forum avatars. Hence, "avatars".

As for animated tiles, the difficulty rises greatly with animated gifs, so I can see there being some logistics issues with people not knowing how to do it properly. Not everyone here is The Coop when it comes to these things.

OK ! I was wondering why he used the term avatar ! :<

I agree that animated gifs are complex to do ! The Coop sure does a great job :wink:

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I had a few loose ideas on how to use the tiles, some may have been suggested already, but whatever.

Also, by proposing these, i hearby offer myself to program any of them.:sleepdepriv:

1) A system where people can select their favorite mixes, and they could be rotated in a signature style image, either randomly on load, or via some animooted magic. If not animated, clicking it could take the user to that remix's OCR page, or perhaps a summary page containing all of the "favorite" mixes for that person.

2) A signature system that combines several tiles from a list randomly, and perhaps adds some text as an overlay with some information.

3) A 'guess the remixer' game, where a tile is shown, and the user must guess the remixer from a short list of 5. Variations of this could work.

4) a 'random remix of the day' widget that displays the tile as a link to it's OCR page. This could be adapted into most HTML based widget systems such as Windows Vista, or as a website include and/or signature.

I was also thinking about some kind of tile breaking game, but time investment would be high, and it's hard to do much with tiles this large.

Oh, and if you want me to write up a system for submitting these into a database, let me know.

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