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OCR01034 - Wizards & Warriors "Wise Wizards, Old Warriors"


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You know, I didn't think much of this until around the 2:00 mark when the vocoder really starts to take center stage.

The arrangement isn't exactly mindblowing, but man that vocoder sounds cool. 3:09 in particular is pure gold. 8) I'm also reminded of Carlos, but mainly because she's the only artist that I listen to who makes regular use of that particular sound. ^_^

Groovy work.

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Ooooooh yeah. This is good. Really good. I have a feeling I'm gonna be listening to this one a lot in the next few weeks :)

I'm curious to know if any of this was made on a real analog synth? The sounds are pretty convincing in that regard.

My biggest gripe is the last minute or so... There just isn't much going on and it's rather boring relative to the rest of the piece. In general though, the arrangement is incredibly clean and musical. The vocoded stuff is cool but I think my favorite part is at 1:30 when the arpeggiated harmony kicks in. That's the part that elicited the "oooooh yeah" in the first paragraph, if you're wondering :P

Great stuff! Thanks for creating this.


--- Edit ---

According to www.bazooie.com, the sounds were done with Buzz. Further proof that Buzz ownz yo mana. Btw, I listened to some of the other music on the site -- "an exercize in futility" is hella cool. Check it out, yo!

--- Edit ---

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You know, when I first listened to this, I was really turned off. It was ALL over the place, and that apparant lack of fluidity was really bugging me. But, ever the curious listener, I followed the link in DJPs description and downloaded all his other songs. I've been listening to them on repeat/shuffle for about an hour now, with this song included, and I have to say, it's really really really grown on me.

I think part of the problem is, when I go to review a song, I really make an effort to consciously listen to it. And I think that was messing things up for me. But when I queued all his other songs and sat down to read for class tomorrow, I found my head bobbing, my ankle thumping to the beat, and I realized - hey! I really like this!

I get the impression that bazooie probably does a lot of continuous mixing (like at a club or something), becuase that's how a lot of this sounds. It's all over the place, but when you just let it fill the room, you see how perfectly it all fits together.

Damn good job.

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I mean...

I had stopped learning Buzz. I will now continue.


I don't know the original... and I'm guessing the arrangement isn't exactly all the original anyway, so I'm assuming the original sounded pretty similar.

The vocoded synths acted almost like Cello's... they were so fluid; and the idea for there to be 2, that is GENIIUS. The lead buzzy analoguish thing is not perfect, but certainly not bad... sometimes it sounds sort of too flat for my taste, but it's really fine.

The percussion, I think I can learn alot from, really. Simple, no complicated driving forces, but it backs everything up very nicely, and is not repetetive.

At around 0:32, where that gated-sounding synth comes in, is lack-luster. The melody takes a very prominent position, and the melody, in my opinion, sounds more like a counter-melody that should have stayed in the back.

But... I can't believe how much this ReMix affected me. It's unbelievably fluid... and even from a game I've never played, it is... amazing. I think I did less than the credit the arrangement was due, earlier in this post. I think that orchestration plays a part in arrangement, and the orchestration of this is really what makes it so great. Perfectly balanced (almost).. always musical and fluid without being completely rhetorical and uninteresting.

...this really goes up there with Pachelbel's Gannon and Love Hurts and Revival Day Impoetus and IceCapped and all those (I don't like to rank, but I feel it doesn't do any injustice to at least show what this remix is comparable to).

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Some of the synths I felt could've been made better but overall this was a very satisfactory track. I'm not exactly balls-out about it like DJP but I have to admit that vocoded synth is DAMN SWEET. I really really wish though that some of those cheesy synths were, I don't know, less glaring. A very important thing I felt from this song though was a sense of actual emotion. Oh, and that vocoded synth was DAMN SWEET. I really love that Matrixy effect at 2:00, and the pseudo classical feel is perfect for the style bazooie was goin for. A well done track to be sure, and that vocoded synth was DAMN SWEET.

The last minute felt tacked on though. Didn't really need to be there.

And that vocoded synth is... aww hell you know more songs need vocoder love.

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Some of the best mixxes include emotion, and I think this piece hits it right on the head. It has that bittersweet meloncholy feel to it, almost haunting if you will. The vocoding was done great and never abused. What were the lyrics? It sounded like actual words being sung. This one is definately gonna be in my head for weeks. I'm with DJP on this one, two thumbz up! :D

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Ooh... a mix with a substantial amount of vocals. This is a keeper just for that. And I likes vocoding...

And I just like the arrangement...

Ooh... the vocoding gets even BETTER... nice...

And I likes that drum.

My only complaint would be that the high is a bit too hot... but that is probably me, no?

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I've always been a gigantic fan of 70's synths and mellotrons (chorus sound + melltron strings = god), and the use of voice distortion, and its really great to see someone trying to replicate that style. As a result, you can probably figure that I listen to a lot of Moody Blues and pre-80's Genesis.

The song is fairly hit and miss.

Some of the synths are dead on, especially that small little "wow wow wow" sounding one at the end. The use of the vocoder is nice as well, its not too loud or far in the front, and doesn't overpower the song. The beat is also nice without becoming boring or repetitive.

Unforunately, the percussions sounds feel very weak and remind me a little too much of those $30 Yamaha or Casio keyboards you could pick up at Sears during the 80's. The percussion sound is also a little too loud and too forward in the stereo channels. The main synth is also too loud. Finally my last little gripe is the singer (which I'm assuming is the same person as the remixer), sounds a little too much like he's a part of a 1st grade musical play about how healthy vegetables are or something. In other words, singing because he has to, not because he wants to. He also sounds like his voice is in a "half-whisper", instead of a proper volume, which is needed to get the full effect from a vocodor.

Overall good song, but not perfect. I'd really, really like to see more songs that fit this style in the future.

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I really love this mix... I think it's my new favorite of the entire site, replacing Mazedude's A Boy and His Blob mix... I love all the retro stuff going on here, and all the various complexities. It is mixed and recorded perfectly. The ending is really nice, repeating and fading out perfectly. I don't know what else to say other than great job!!

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I have to admit that upon first listen, it sounded really cheesy and annoying. After a few more times through though, I began to really hear the hidden beauty of this mix. I am a little partial to synth stuff, but this song is just good anyway. The vocals sound like shit at first, but their almost ambient nature starts to grow on you. After 5 or 6 times, you almost go into a trance. This seriously makes me feel kinda creepy...I really can't describe it's effect on me very well. All I know is, it gets really good after awhile, so give it a chance.

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I have one request, can someone tell me what he is saying?

the lyrics, I cant tell what they are... I dont know if you are supposed to know

but it sounds like he just wants to go to bed.

::goes back into a trance listening to this wonderful mix,:

in the verybeginning I just noticed the drum playing over the synth

very cool

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hi all. i'm glad you enjoy the remix. when i release the album later this year, i'll master it to a higher quality.

i've had a few requests for the lyrics so here they are in their full unadulterated, cheesy goodness:

and if you do love me

i will say i love you

and you will go with me

to the land of harmony

where horizon meets the sea

the sun will warm my love

my love, please leave me

i want to sleep

in the night, don't call me

just let me dream

now you can sing along o_0


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