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Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

    • Yes
    • [b][size=7]YES[/size][/b]
    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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Dear Oji,

I pleasure myself once every day, but this Sunday during a sermon, my local pastor stated that such acts are blasphemous, and encroach upon me 'coveting' myself. I want to be a good Christian and go to heaven, but I really enjoy spraying my left eye with the cock-sneeze. What should I do?

--Ornery in Oak Park

Join the Holy Brotherhood of the Cock-Sneaze.

The Prince of Persia commands it!

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Dear Oji,

I pleasure myself once every day, but this Sunday during a sermon, my local pastor stated that such acts are blasphemous, and encroach upon me 'coveting' myself. I want to be a good Christian and go to heaven, but I really enjoy spraying my left eye with the cock-sneeze. What should I do?

My advice to you, Ornery in Oak Park, is to pleasure yourself more thoroughly, not forgetting to mull over the possibility of using extraneous devices such as clips or the insertion of surgical steel rods to increase your level of gratification. By doing this you will practically achieve heaven in your own mind when climaxing, while also guaranteeing your left eye will be heavily coated in "buukka". In that way, you truly win on both levels. - Dr. Lion


Thanks for the big turnout for VGF's Season 3 debut last night. We had fun, no? No. Nonetheless, you can DL the show at my webspace and pick up the 146MB/3.5hr MP3 along with this week's AIM transcript. The afterparty featured a ton of shitty joke tracks, including my rendition of Star Salzman's "I Got the Spacebeam". Chockster recorded a bootleg copy with ICQ noises, though Species will have a higher bitrate version turning up some time soon to engage the maximum ROFLs! Keep an eye out. Now eat the playlist!:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

Saturday, September 4, 2004 / 10:15 PM - 1:45 AM EST

1. Antonio Pizza - VG Frequency "The Wait Is Finally Over" Bumper

2. Antonio Pizza - VG Frequency "The Two Tonys" Bumper

3. Koji Kondo - "Overworld BGM" [super Mario Bros. OST]

4. Jared Hudson - VG Frequency "Heart Of Atlanta (System 3rr0r)" Bumper

5. Masashi Hamauzu - "Zauberkraft" (a.k.a 'Magical Power') [saGa Frontier 2 OST]

6. BT & Caroline Lavelle f/FFmusic Dj - "The Great Escape (BT's Chillout Remix)" [http://www.ffmusic.net]

7. Omega Xi - "Omega is to Xi as Z is to X" [http://www.omega-xi.tk]

8. Aetherius - Donkey Kong Country 1 "Clouded Mind and Ringing Ears" [Kong in Concert]

9. Masashi Hamauzu - "Variation" [saGa Frontier 2 OST]

10. Grey - "I Can't Sing" [http://pixelated.myrmid.com/users/jigginjont]

11. TO - "Sacrificial Pulsar" [Original Remix Competition 3]

12. Infamous - Arkanoid 1 "Galway is God" [R:K:O #2275 / VGMix2 #1532]

13. Joshua Morse - "Synesthesia" [Home Life EP]

14. Masashi Hamauzu - "Flamme" (a.k.a 'Flame') [saGa Frontier 2 OST]

15. MaJIN_SaN is washing dishes on a Saturday night instead of hanging with the ladies, congratulates Digital Coma on the success of Kong in Concert, pimps AE's skills at Street Fighter but notes that he'd burn him at bboying

16. DarkeSword is enjoying the quality of the webstream (!) while he talks about the Kirby's Adventure remix project, the glut of remix projects plauging OCR, the ominous blue flash in the WMRE studio, following Protricity & Digital Coma for project direction advice, Tony Montana's rap remix of his original "The Alleyway" & Joshua Morse's hatred of his material [http://www.darkesword.com]

17. Makke - Lost Patrol "In the Air Mix" [AMIGAremix #107 / OC ReMix #1215]

18. Yoozer - Jurassic Park (SNES) "Isla Nublar Jam" [http://synerjee.deadamerica.org/ocr]

19. Quinn Fox - Gunstar Heroes "Redrun Green" [VGMix2 #1484]

20. Arkimedes - Soul Calibur 1 "A Different Kind of Hero" [VGMix2 #1564]

21. "Triple G" shouts out to his ladies at Bayside High & Jesus Christ & represents the streets of Hartford, Connecticut ("I bought Pepperidge Farm cookies yesterday, and I went in the store and I said 'U better put that in a bag, bitch' and they did")

22. Masashi Hamauzu - "Freudenbezeigung III" (a.k.a ' Bearing Witness of Joy III') [saGa Frontier 2 OST]

23. Silent - "End of Time" [http://www.soundclick.com/thesilentresponse]

24. qaid - "bromine lullaby" [box of Sunlight EP]

25. analoq - Commander Keen 4 "man sieht sich galaxie" (a.k.a 'see ya, galaxy') [OC ReMix #1180]

26. Ork Estral - "The Coming of the Banshee" [http://nigel.has.it]

27. Rellik - "Thee Stylish Scalawag" [http://www.tjhsst.edu/~alederer]

28. Masashi Hamauzu - "Weltall" (a.k.a 'Universe') [saGa Frontier 2 OST]

29. Vigilante (who has finished eating dinner at midnight like the normal people do) is finishing up Kong in Concert's "Beneath the Surface" for posting to OCR, and talks about the quality of the OCR WIP forum commentary, st00f regarding "Funky Monkey Love", Larry's smelliness ("everybody knows that you smell like ass...and egg"), OMG Skyblazer for Super Nintendo, shitty remix project ideas & community input, the upcoming Megaman X & X2 remix project, a Megaman 2 rap remix idea brewing, and "I Got the Spacebeam" haters [http://www.geocities.com/jesse_taub]

30. Adhesive Boy is bored and comments on the lack of VGMix reviews for (and his current dislike of) "Devout Hyrulian Guttersnipe", the Kirby's Adventure & Doom remix projects, and other random crudulence [http://adhesiveboy.no-ip.com]

31. DJ Pretzel - The Revenge of Shinobi "Consent (Make Me Dance)" [OC ReMix #1186]

32. Joshua Morse & Mustin - Megaman 3 "Spark It" [http://www.oneupstudios.com]

33. Gecko Yamori - Streets of Rage 2 "Infectious Oldskool" [VGMix2 #1767 / OC ReMix to-be-posted]

34. zircon - "Beckoning" [http://www.zirconstudios.com]

35. tefnek - "para bellum" [http://www.tefnek.com]

36. Masashi Hamauzu - "Andächtelei (a.k.a 'Devotional') [saGa Frontier 2 OST]

37. zircon stops in and fields questions on "Beckoning", the response to his first OC ReMix "Calamitous Judgement", his idea for the Phantasy Star 4 remix project, the further development of his current mixes compared to his older work, his new Chrono Trigger collab with Unknown "When All Hope Has Faded", weird fanmail, attempting to gain professional work, and the plans for SoundTempest 2.0 as developed by djcubez & Shadow [http://www.zirconstudios.com]

38. SgtRama braves tropical storm/hurricane-level rain and winds courtesy of Hurricane Frances in order to call in and give us live newscast-style coverage, including comparisons to Hurricane Charley, a regional breakdown of the severity, and Wendy's making some serious dollas in preperation; Doug covers ALL angles, bros; hire this man [http://sgtrama.no-ip.com]

39. Star Salzman - "Temporary Insanity" [http://www.starblast.org]

40. N-Joy f/Simona - Stormlord 1 "Seneca's Marble Pack" [R:K:O #2289]

41. Tony Montana w/DarkeSword & DCT - "Everything It Takes" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

42. Masashi Hamauzu - "Relevation" [saGa Frontier 2 OST]

43. DCT closes us out with how he made his connections with Tony Montana & others, along with details on the creation of "Everything It Takes" and other upcoming tracks, the general hatred on rap in the game mixing community, his views on Joshua Morse's dislike of DarkeSword, the level of tension amongst personalities in the community, upcoming web-related projects & mainstream rap remixes, original collab work with Disposer, the sentiment against being mainstream, and Protricity needing a hug (MaJIN_SaN needs one too) [http://www.thebigshot.com]

Next week's another week. Stuff from bLiNd-Leifo, Protricity and Vigilante will be there, and we'll see what else I dig up. Drop comments.

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12. Infamous - Arkanoid 1 "Galway is God" [R:K:O #2275 / VGMix2 #1532]

This was probably my favorite song of the night, brought me back some really great memories. I wondered for ages why I liked the strings in Gary Numan's 1979 track "Films" so much, and now I finally figured out why. Wow! Haven't played Arkanoid in around 10 years. :)

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I am not looking forward to the jokefest that is going to dominate VGF this year. :roll:


..anxiously awaiting the return of Koji Kondo!


I'm sorry I missed the show, but with no internet at home I'm lacking in the VG Frequency access. Perhaps Sephire, Debo and myself should get intoxicated and listen/call in to the show one weekend.

By the way, where's my VHS you promised to send me, Larry? I have a new address now.

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