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Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

    • Yes
    • [b][size=7]YES[/size][/b]
    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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*Nostaliga goes here*

Really though, I've listened on and off to VGF since Kong in Concert (though I was obligated to grab VGF 24). Many songs played I've downloaded since and enjoyed. A shame to see it go, you did a good job Larry.

And a best of show? It'll be interesting to see what ends up on there, and to see if the bad taste truly does filter onto the playlist..

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Okay... for those who missed yesteday's show, don't want to wait for the official release and don't want to listen to the Regular Edition of Chrono Symphonic either, but want to go straight to the point (Special Footage), I've got a bootleg recording for you. Can also be a filler if Larry postpones the final show. ;)

You can find more informations about Chrono Symphonic and the "bootleg recordings" in the corresponding project thread. The files can be directly downloaded from my server.

:arrow:VGF#84 Chrono Symphonic Special - Interview: Compyfox (33:35min, 24,1MB, mp3pro)

:arrow:VGF#84 Chrono Symphonic Special - Exclusive Bonus Footage (36:34min, 26,4MB, mp3pro)

Sorry, no interviews from Rexy and Kevin "Lorenzo" Sisk as my Wavelab decided to stop the recording after a filesize of 2GB, so I guess you have to wait for the official release by Larry.

Please enjoy.

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ill get off work just in time to catch this

man, if only i wasnt phone jacked yesterday

Phone jacked? There were enough blocks to call, some couldn't either due to the fact that their phone didn't work.

Not to mention that Larry gave a lot of opportiunities in the last shows - if nobody calls... sure is not a fault for the phone being jacked or something.

Well duh... 7am here and I wanted to sleep through, guess I'll call it a night.

whenever i called my cellphone gave me "no answer"

his phone rang after the show though...

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This is taking god knows how long. He's an hour late >.>
20:29 < Arek> odds are it is gong to get pushed back again to monday

20:29 < Arek> odds are it is gong to get pushed back again to monday

20:29 < Arek> odds are it is gong to get pushed back again to monday

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Ha, after being awake 47 hours straight in the past few days, my body did the only sensible thing and went to sleep. As soon as I got home, ZzZ. This fucks up my schedule, that's for sure. So if I can't do this show tonight, I'll have to scrap it, which I don't plan to do. So we'll handle things tonight at 2AM EST now that I've gotten some rest.

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Okay... second try - I just hope nothing in the timetables changed, so better doublecheck for yourself!


*Actually the night to thuesday! Larry really loves to confuse us till the very end.*

Here's a small overview of the most salient timezones for you. The DST is still messed up, blame those who "invented" DST, heh.

Small World-Timetable

Los Angeles (CA, USA): 11:00pm
Calgary (Canada): 12:00am (Thuesday, Midnight)
Chicago (Illinois): 1:00am (Thuesday)
Atlanta (GA, USA): 2:00am (Thuesday)
Rio de Janero (Brazil): 4:00am (Thuesday)
Reykjavik (Iceland): 7:00am (Thuesday)
London (England): 8:00am (*, Thuesday)
Paris (France): 9:00am (*, Thuesday)
Oslo (Norway): 9:00am (*, Thuesday)
Germany: 9:00am (*, Thuesday)
Kapstadt (South Aftrica): 9:00am (Thuesday)
Helsinki (Finland): 10:00am (*, Thuesday)
Moscow (Russia): 11:00am (Thuesday)
Hong Kong (China): 3:00pm (Thuesday)
Tokyo (Japan): 4:00pm (Thuesday)
Sydney (Australia): 6:00pm (*, Thuesday)

(*) currently observing daylight saving time (DST)

:arrow: This is the very final show of VG Frequency

:arrow: According to Larry - no calls tonight!

The usual jazz here... thanks for the show... have a save trip... good luck for the future... blahblahblah.

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