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OCR01036 - Super Street Fighter II Turbo "Sexy Trunks"


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Keep in mind I don't know anything about music, and just listen to it.

Is it just me, or is there clipping on stuff like the piano? It might be my headphones...

Also, I think I'd like to have heard the sax take off a little bit more, go a bit more wild.

The break at 2:52 is a bit out of place. I wasn't expecting it, and only time will tell if it's welcome. Maybe I'm being deceived by the piano and sax from earlier, but I wasn't really thinking about this in a techno or house mind set (anyone care to pick an electronic genre that sticks to this?).

Anyways, this is a solid mix that will keep my other SFII remixes in good company. Thanks.

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Something irks me about the mastering or something. While arrangement is awesome, and Lord knows I used to sing Balrog's theme back when I was a wee young 'un, it sounds like clipping or unintentional distortion in parts. Is this just my speakers? I wouldn't think so, but noone else seems to notice this and it's kinda ruining the song for me. It makes the song very jerky and unpleasant.

Oh wait, I took one look at my equalizer and I found what's wrong. This song is EQed like a smile, so I had the extremes boosted too high on my EQ setting. If anyone else notices dostortion or clipping, just readjust your EQ.

Um, this sounds a lot better now. Yeah. Wow. I feel like an idiot. Great stuff Neostorm! I'm glad to see Balrog's theme given some love, and especially in the form of such groovin piece.


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This song is EQed like a smile, so I had the extremes boosted too high on my EQ setting.

That explains everything. I set my EQ to enhance the extreme frequencies, so it was like doing it twice over. Sounds better with the EQ off. Just wish I didn't have to remember to do it for this song alone though :(

Oh Neostorm, would you be a dearie and.....?

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This is sexy! Seriously, I'm loving the hell out of this mix. The arrangement is so well done, it blows my mind. Only thing I would have done differently, as some others discussed before, would have the sax do a bit more, go a little crazy. The playing seems a bit conservative, in my opinion. Other than that, I'm in love with this. A big thanks to Neostorm for making my shitty week a hell of a lot better.

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Thanks for the compliments!

This remix was actually a little difficult due to the original score having the same root through the whole thing. But as you noticed i changed to root during the breakdowns to add more feeling.

Yea, i agree the sax could have been more improvised. That's something that I need to learn. Sax playing styles, and how to program them. However, Gecko Yamori really did help a lot more with that sax than it sounded before. But yes, I was afraid to improvise the sax because of my lack of skill with it. This probably makes the remix more conservative as it sticks to the original melody as much as possible.

The eqing of the piano causes some people to have clipping on their end. I dunno why, maybe because im not a skilled audio engineer and have very little knowledge of eqing. But it sounded great on my end, with my eq set to dry, and when set to high bass and treble boost. so i dunno.. :?

Im gradually learning music theory and history, but i'm glad that you all appreciated my latest remix. Expect more to come very soon!!

This is sexy! Seriously, I'm loving the hell out of this mix.

I didn't come up with the title till i was near completion. The remix sounded sexy, and now you know the true meaning of sexy trunks.. (Sexy Gloves didnt sound sexy enough)

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My first reaction after hearing this for the first time was that it wasn't as good as i expected. However, i realised that although it wasn't what i expected it was a very nice piece and i got more nand more into this ReMix. I like the rythm, the jazzyness, the groove. Everything about this has a good vibe to it. I do agree w/other's that the sax could have been used more adventurously but overall a great ReMix and one that i have been waiting patiently for. Top work Neostorm.

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