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OHC - One hour compos start again!


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Can anyone hold these on another IRC server so I can join in the fun soon? It's me Draconiator, and if you don't find another IRC server, then it's goodbye for good on the OHC front. What about Espernet? There's none of that banning you randomly crap there. I don't even use the default e-mail address your ISP gives you, I don't know why they are so paranoid. :-?

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I spent another hour today fleshing out my compo from last night: http://diotrans.com/sound/mannequin%20-%20edit.mp3

Added much-needed bass and auto-tune, and worked on the production. Debating whether to flesh this out and put it on a future album or something. Because the world needs more pop songs about mannequins.

I like it! Nice improvements. I think this would be the perfect anime opening song. My critic would be the drums could use a little more crash at the end after the "breakdown" part. But overall awesome. In fact, you've inspired me to clean up my piece...which needs a lot more touch up than yours did.

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I missed 2DC because I didn't know there was one this week...they're not on a bi-weekly basis are they? Someone needs to announce them better =X

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa... Sorry about that. Considering the 2DC even starting bi-weekly was a little bit of my fault, I think I should have done a better job postificating it.

But yea, I'll keep people more aware. and stuff.

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This OHC medley volume is a bit unique, since it not only contains all-just64helpin entries, but includes an entry that was itself a medley.


Source list:

just64helpin - "Space Medley" (OHC085)

...1. "Planetary Findings" (OHC028)

...2. "Front Row Seat" (OHC019)

...3. "Amps on the Moon" (OHC045.5)

...4. "Darkness, Silence and Stone" (OHC055)

just64helpin - "Destination Starlight" (OHC042)

just64helpin - "Nightly Routine" (OHC061)

just64helpin - "Life's a Beach" (OHC032) >.>

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Can't believe I only had like...10 mins to work on my composition. Oh well, at least I got something in. :)

I showed up at 9:53pm because I forgot, made a live performance as quickly as I could, it was pretty fun. It ends at 10pm so.. meh.. I heard some positive stuff about the song. It's good to practice singing while playing with some strummed chords. That's what OHC is all about I think, learning and growing as a musician. But uhh.. hah.. hopefully I'll remember next week.

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