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OHC - One hour compos start again!


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i'm gonna listen to the entries from last night again. it was a big turnout with really good songs! unfortunately i recorded something and as soon as i opened up my keyboard program something called "live anti-virus" opened and smacked my computer with a vicious virus/malware. ouch. bad timing. i should be ok for next compo. see you later dudes.

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This is sort of relevant to One Hour Compo, so I'll post it here. I was tooling around and made piano arrangements of various people's OHC entries, and put them together as a medley.


Okay, source list:

diotrans - "My Favorite Thing Is..." (OHC049)

ella_guru - "Evil Psychopaths are always pretty badas" (OHC069)

Bren - "Sneaky Bass" (OHC070)

Level99 - "Such is the nature of time" (OHC052)

TheMisterCat - "I Suck Badly" (OHC049)

starla - "Falling into an abyss" (OHC072)

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