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I'm being impersonated...


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Hope you find the culprit Malcos.

By the way, pardon my absent mind but what did Prots 'do'?

besides hack ocr a few times, repeatedly break vgmix, attempt to cheat at ourstage to get shnabubula to win, and (when he was a part of the community) ostracize most everyone who was a part of it due to his extremely caustic attitude and tendancies?

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he also made some ridiculously awesome music.

but he fucking BROKE vgmix, possibly one of the best places for new musicians to get going with their stuff (way more comments than ocr's wip section has, and easy free hosting), and it's still broken years later because he still fucks with them on occasion and they can't get a decent programmer to help out. he tried to cheat in order to steal money from ourstage. and he still wastes dave's time with his pranks now, preventing dave from spending that time with either the site or his fiancee.

don't try to dress him up...he's done some terrible things for the vgm community. if he came back and it wasn't for some stupid prank, that'd be awesome, because he did some great things too. but his bad things far outweigh having a bunch of cool tracks on this site. i've had my tiffs with the management, but i'd never dream of trying to take down the ocr servers or some stupid crap like that.

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I stand by my theory that THIS malcos is the impersonator, and the real malcos is locked in a deep dark dungeon, along with gray lightning.

Furthermore, the person we call "prot" does not exist; he's actually none other than DarkeSword in disguise.

Tell me, have any of you seen darke and prot in the same place at the same time?


There you have it: proof that both prot and this so-called malcos are in fact darkesword, and the real malcos is locked up in darke's basement with graylightning.

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How could it possibly count as hacking?

Well, if you wanted to get technical...

# To gain access to (a computer file or network) illegally or without authorization: hacked the firm's personnel database.

Accessing accounts in the OCR userbase without authorization would indeed fall under that dictionary definition. Probably not the best term to use, but eh. Anyway, let's try not to get too offtopic here, this is after all about Malcos and not Prot.

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