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Can someone tell me what's up with this sword?

Thin Crust

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The hell it's not. The man asked what the deal with the sword was; we answered him. The part he's asking about exists for no other reason than because Japan thinks it's cool. That's what the thread was for, to answer that question, not for you to vent your nerdrage.

Incidentally, that's an absolutely retarded thing to get angry over. What, do you think that the video game industry is interfering with your God-given right to quality RPGs by refusing to release a game that lives up to your personal standards of excellence? If you don't like recent RPGs, don't buy them. It's that simple. There's nothing for you to get angry over. Anyway, Crisis Core was released like, what, a year ago? Woe is me, I've gone a whole year without playing the newest "BEST GAME EVAR!!!1". :roll:

If you go into a game with the attitude "IT MUST CONTAIN X, Y, AND Z" then obviously you're going to be disappointed. Games aren't custom-tailored to your tastes; they're designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. Try going into a game with an open mind and enjoying what's there, rather than hating it because it's not what you want it to be. Have you played Fallout 3? There's an RPG on the 360 (and PS3 and PC) that's generally considered a good game. And hey, the main character's only a pussy if you are! Surely you're up to the challenge. I've heard good things about the storyline, too, though I couldn't tell you any details as I generally try to avoid spoiling that sort of thing for myself. Other good 360 RPGs? Try Eternal Sonata. That was fun -- good characters (none of whom are "pussies and pansies"), unique story, interesting battle system.

There, two recommendations. Go forth and enjoy. Or keep bitching; whichever you prefer. But don't expect us to justify your righteous fury because you happen to dislike the new RPGs coming out recently.

This is one of if not the funniest rants I've read on these forums. I shit you not I was laughing aloud.

Btw, I disagree with you and stuff. I have the best taste in RPGs of anyone in the world. If they made them to my standards everyone would be happy.

I should probably mention that all that stuff about me being mad was sarcasm. NJ, we all have our moments but leave PPR at the door when it comes to video games.

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Just to let you guys who are dissing the gunblade know, there are actual old weapons that exist that are part sword/axe/knife, part gun. The gunblade in FF8 bears a pretty similar resemblance. I was pretty surprised to see a bunch of them in a museum in Europe a couple years ago.

Needless to say, I don't believe you.

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now see, that's a sword with a gun in it that actually fires projectiles

the gunblade does no such thing

I almost feel bad making posts this nerdy anymore, but something continues to compel me. The gunblade is actually one of the more feasible Final Fantasy weapons to bring to the real world. The barrel of the gun IS the blade, and the bullet passes through the 'spine' of the blade - the unsharpened back side. There's a piece of official artwork somewhere that shows the muzzle of the gun exiting where the gunblade curves down to a point. It would be entirely possible to implement such a thing, but it would be mostly senseless to try to use both functions at once. It would also pretty much require a cutaway of the blade in the hilt area so you could stabilize it on your arm and aim with it. It wouldn't be the most sensible of weapons, but it's totally possible.

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