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The Quasi-Obscure Music Thread


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I tried this before in Off Top awhile back and the thread didn't last too long, but given that there is a ridiculous amount of amazing music out there that isn't widely listened to; this is the thread for it.

Any great music you think you might not have heard of if you hadn't been lucky enough to happen upon it should definitely be posted, and don't be concerned if you accidentally post something relatively popular as long as it's good anyway.

I'll start with some of The Bad Plus, which is a post-modern Jazz cover band:

(bad quality, great cover)

Also, Black Light Burns, a relatively new alternative-rock band that, to put it bluntly, kicks ass, and features both soft and hard rock:

Anyone who considers themselves a seeker of good music, like myself, feel free to post and listen away.

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Andy McKee

If you're looking for some good solo acoustic guitar music, this man is right up your alley. Some of you may have encountered him when his one video of his song "Drifting" was popular on sites like CollegeHumor. His music ranges from quite relaxing to more upbeat tunes. Did I mention that he's quite damn good? No? Well he is.

Here's a few samples:

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I've got 2.

"Scott Huckabay-Spiral Eclipse"

I know its pretty unconventional how he performs but I love daydreaming to his music.

"Abney Park-Airship Pirate"

They used to be more goth-oriented, but have changed their image to a more steampunk-esque look. Music reflects that pretty well too.

Then again, I'm pretty partial to steampunk as a whole, so my opinion may be a bit biased.

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German Electronic-World musick band CUSCO has been one of my very very very favorites for nearly 10 years. You could mistake their catalog for video game music easily. They're stuff gets old after a while, but each album they have done has been better and better each consequtive time.




- One of my personal favorites

- Classic

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I have recently discovered the band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and in my opinion they're downright amazing. Their musical style falls somewhere between jazz, ska and funk, so if you even vaguely like any of these genres, these guys are definitely worth checking out. (Japanese lyrics unfortunately)

Some of my favorite songs by them:



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Two artists I've been obsessed with lately are Bomb the Music Industry! and Flying Lotus.

Bomb the Music Industry! is a really good ska one-man-act, like Nine Inch Nails is to industrial-rock. His stuff is so detailed and quick, its amazing how many ideas he fits into such short songs. His newest album can be found Here, not only that but for free too. In fact, the entire record label only has free, donation-based albums, and this guy been doing it before Radiohead. If I can only recommend one song to here off of Scrambles it'd be "Stuff That I Like", just a general language warning though for those who don't like cursing.

Flying Lotus is probably most well known for making a lot of the bump music heard on Adult Swim. His album Los Angeles is absolutely brilliant though. It takes a while to get into and get into the feel of it but everything is just so damn groovy that it works. Another sweet song of his can be found at:

(not on Los Angeles but still a sweet song).
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Hmm, this is a fun thread.

I recommend Spanish electro band Dioxyde:


Check out "Geist" and "Morphine".

Also try M83, French post-rock shoegaze sort of electronica outfit.


For them I really like "Teen Angst," "*" (yes the name of the song is an asterisk...) and "Run into Flowers."

And for something completely different, Ohio alt-country indie band the Magnolia Electric Co.


"Cross the Road" and "The Dark Don't Hide It" are good. Also, they offer a lot of free mp3s on their media page.

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Also, Black Light Burns, a relatively new alternative-rock band that, to put it bluntly, kicks ass, and features both soft and hard rock:

The beginning of that actually made me think of some Silent Hill music. It's nice.

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maudlin of the Well - The band members in Kayo Dot's old band. Basically the same concept except with much more death metal and jazz elements. (See Kayo Dot)


Cynic - Jazz death metal. One of the first bands that heavily use robotic vocals.


Disillusion - Prog metal that doesnt sound like a big wankfest. Riffs are extremely catchy. (Note: they seem to experiment a lot with genres, as their newest release is very industrial)

Equilibrium - Folk metal done right

Lykathea Aflame - Atmospheric Brutal Death Metal (yes, it does exist). The drummer has got to be God himself.

Some non metal-related bands:

Kayo Dot - Avant-garde-jazzy-progressive-classical-rock with huge amounts of experimentation and a little grind influence for good measure


Portal - Spacy, atmospheric, jazzy group with female vocals


(entire album is free to download at that site)

Stars of the Lid - Ambient music with a huge classical influence


Streetlight Manifesto - Technical 3rd wave ska. Literally shits over all other 3rd wave ska bands.

Other bands:

Ulver - Started as a black metal band, changed into neofolk, went back to black metal, and now kinda floats around the electronica, ambient and experimental genres. The posted one is a later work, and its kinda electornica-classical-experimental.

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Damn, this thread is great now considering a a fair amount of these posts. Really like what I'm hearing so far. So far out of what has been posted I'm really digging Andy Mckee, Abney Park (except the singer), Cusco (pretty amazing -- reminds me of Donkey Kong ha ha -- adding some of this to my sleep playlist), the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (who knew?), Flying Lotus, Disillusion (the other bands are too screamy), and I've always loved Street Light Manifesto. Ah man, I always appreciate hearing great new music, so thanks for posting what you guys have posted so far.

Anyhow, here are a few more I artists I highly recommend:

Young Blood Brass Band - There really isn't anything else like it as far as I know. If you enjoy completely-out-there but not completely annoying sounding Jazz Fusion then you should love this:

The Lady Sails a pretty great, but still very obscure band I love chilling to:


And last, but nowhere near least, Tommorow's Bad Seeds -- a completely awesome Reggae/Rock band, and if people have any taste in music, they won't be obscure for long:


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Ulver - Started as a black metal band, changed into neofolk, went back to black metal, and now kinda floats around the electronica, ambient and experimental genres. The posted one is a later work, and its kinda electornica-classical-experimental.

Seconded. Ulver is something special.

A few of my recent indulgences in obscure music:

Nurse with Wound


Unrelenting experimental... noise.. stuff.. Abashedly unashamed.



One-off improve drone doom. Kind of like the Pink Floyd album Ummagumma, performed by Type-O-Negative, or something.

Atrium Carceri


Swedish dark ambient fitting of untold horror movies.




Hard to describe.. very (mostly) melodic experimental. Soothing and disturbing at the same time.



Totally unrelated to FF7. Powerful dark ambient/tribal ambient. If John Williams was a shaman in the rain forest, writing songs to please Cthulhu, this is what it would sound like.

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A while back I was trying to find videos of the fairly well-known Arai Akino, and somehow or another stumbled upon some stuff by the not-as-well-known Kakiage Nahoko, formerly of the Eccentric Opera. Since then, I've been pretty much listening to her various projects non-stop.

They don't have a lot of my favorites up on youtube, but there's still some good ones:


Film de l'Amour

Eccentric Opera:

Album with countertenor Nobuo Fujioka:

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Metal Bands:

* If you're allergic to death growls you might want to avoid the ones below, but otherwise I know open-minded folk might take a liking to them.

Pan.thy.monium - Oldschool Swedish avante-garde/death metal band with a fair bit of jazz influence.

- Lomska Forsat

Moonsorrow - Folk metal. Their older stuff had more Finnish melodeath influence, and their later stuff is getting progressively more black metal-like. Epic 10 to 30-minute compositions are not unusual from these guys.

(part 1) - Jotunheim

(part 2) - Jotunheim

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUKGIIursvE (part 1) - Pimeaa

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptUhbrf4-5o (part 2) - Pimeaa

Xasthur - Ambient black metal. Really freaking cool. It's intense, but it's so ambient it rocks me to sleep.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DDRIfd0QYs - Prison of Mirrors

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuODwiF5j8Y - Instrumental

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Bit of bitpop/gamewave/chiptune coming your way

Breakbeat Heartbeat (lovely chiptune-influenced electronica and all-round great guy): http://www.myspace.com/breakbeatheartbeat

sheMUSIC (actually, this guy might be quite popular but c'est la vie...): http://www.shemusic.org/

Unicorn Kid (you gotta check him out. i've been a fan of his for years): http://www.myspace.com/unicornkid

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