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OC ReMix BitTorrent Distribution: Issues; also SEEDERS WANTED


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Well, it's been a long time coming, but thanks to helpful advice from Protricity and immense, amazing assistance from Aubrey (who runs the Supertux mirror and kicks ass), we've finally finalized an official OC ReMix BitTorrent distribution.

If you don't know what bittorrent is, it's a distributed download system using a special client that forces everyone downloading to share with everyone else for that specific download, even as it's in progress. More info at http://btfaq.com/

There are two torrents, one for OCR00001 to OCR00500, another for OCR00501 to OCR01000. The mp3 files are not compressed in any way; we decided on two torrents because some bittorrent clients have a limitation on the number of files (512) they can simultaneously lock and write to.

At this point, we are looking for those with high-bandwidth connections who are willing to seed these two torrents, meaning to download them in their entirety and LEAVE the download running after it is complete for as long as possible, and if you need to disable it for some reason, to re-enable it whenever possible. In other words, we need DEDICATED seeders, with good connections.

Because these torrents contain the mp3 files themselves, you can and should download them into whichever directory you already store OC ReMixes. Assuming you haven't mucked with the filenames of mixes you've downloaded, the torrent client should recognize the existing files and you won't have to redownload those tracks. We're interested in seeing how many existing files are recognized, so if you've got a lot already and intend to seed, let us know what percentage (roughly) were recognized by responding to this thread.

The BitTorrent client we recommend is Shadow's experimental, found at http://bt.degreez.net/

The OCR torrents are at http://bt.ocremix.org

Please remember that we're looking right now primarily for seeders - people willing to devote bandwidth after they've gotten all the files, i.e. to share, and also with broadband or better connections.

The purpose of this post is to help get a few more seeders online before we make the URL more public, place it on each mix's (OCR01000 and before) download page, advertise it elsewhere, etc. Aubrey, Ari - if I've left anything out, please chime in. If anyone has questions regarding this specific torrent (NOT BitTorrent in general, PLEASE), feel free to ask.


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I want to help with this one, but I am going to have alot of problems being a reliable seeder UNLESS i can find a good linux version of the Bittorrent seed program that operates without a gui.

my windowsXP machine is a laptop, which is prone to overheating if left on for too long. so I turn it off every night.

my linux box however, is on all the time, but it doesnt have a GUI to speak of. it is all commandline/shell nonsense.

if I can find a good bittorrent client for my linux box, you will have a dedicated seed up 24/7 for at least a few months. if anybody knows a good one, send me a PM

EDIT: I participated in the last bittorrent test that was run, and now I have the first 1000 OCR songs. if I point the new tracker to the folder, will it recognize them? I dont want to have to download them all again.

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Hmm in 2 weeks ill be back home from college...and amazingly i have a better connection at home then on campus...

anyways...I have the first 1000 OC mixes...and I wouldn't mind downloading the rest...i got plenty of room....the only problem is i would only have the good speed for a month...

If....and this is a big if...my roommates and I get a cable modem in our dorm i could do it for as long as needed...my comp is on 24/7 so yeah...give me a couple of weeks and i'll help out as much as needed

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I'm seeding both now, not sure if I can keep it running on this computer though. It's already dangerously low on ram. Windows takes like 120 megs for some reason. I might transfer the 4 gigs to my upstairs server computer and seed from there sometime.

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Whoa, d/l rate 79 kBps, u/l rate 17 kBps...I'll try to seed as much as possible, but college goes off for winter break soon, so I won't be able to seed again until like mid-Janurary.

At least you get to stream it to other people. If you try to let other people upload in UCD, they block your port and you have to go to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and show proof that you have nothing downloaded and that you have no downloading program before you could get your port back.

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