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OCR00237 - StarTropics "Beach Party"


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Just a warning, this is more of a frantic beach party than the sit-and-drink-margarita one that I was envisioning, and all the better.

Energetic and fun, it'd be great for some beach volleyball or running away from someone after you've poured a bucket of water on them while they had fallen asleep on their blanket.

I loved startropics when it ifirst came out; the controls were slightly stiff (some would say required prescision) for an action RPG, but the cool touches and the unique location made it a real winner in my mind. This mix does it justice abd is something that I can totally dance to, thanks to my ADHD super powers.

Good stuff.

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00237 indeed. Hardly something that'd get far today, but it's one of those smile-inducing tracks. There's something beyond the HHC connection that reminds me of Lemmings here, probably the non-hostile sound and vibe. Cut out the genre elements and this could probably blend in perfectly with the Lemmings songs. :)

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YAY! SEAGULLS! but then I was kinda like "ehhh....grating saw synth". This one...yeah, perky and very very cheesy. Actually, make that a bit TOO cheesy. Sounds almost like it's from a workout tape for kids. Off all the things about it, its the saw and the drums that age poorly, otherwise this ain't half bad minus the excessive cheese.

Also, Val's reviews are beacons of eloquence and in-depth analysis.

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