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Bad Dudes: Chronotorius (new album!) - Go buy it!


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So I just became aware of this today: http://www.baddudesmusic.com/

According to OUS, this album is $10 up until today, and tomorrow it goes up to $12.

I just ordered myself a copy, but this is probably well worth picking up:


1. Chronotorius by Tim Sheehy

2. Castle Rock by JigginJonT

3. Rockin' on Heaven's Door by Danimal Cannon

4. Dethfrog by Ailsean

5. Cave Girl by zyko

6. B.A.M.F. by Dhsu vs. Mustin

7. disodium guanylate by posu yan

8. Watertite by Kunal

9. Death of Black by Joshua Morse

10. Bottomed Out by Mustin

11. Longing of the Wind by Bladiator

12. Forced Enlightenment by Diggi Dis

13. Tyrannosaurus by Mazedude

14. Forest Steppin' by Mustin

15. The Bad Ending by Kunal

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So just because I don't have a credit card or PayPal, I have to miss five tracks? And even if I did, what if I miss the only 1,000 CDs?

I don't know; that seems like a low blow to me.

Actually pressing CDs costs money and those costs have to be recouped. There is zero overhead on online sales, so if everyone bought online and didn't get the physical copy the bad dudes would be out a substantial amount of money. Thus the incentive to buy the physical copy.

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Listened to the previews, and decided this was definitely for me! Not a huge surprise I guess, I liked Thai Guy, I like the OneUps, and now, I shall enjoy Chononotorious, at least... as soon as it arrives.

I don't think I've paid for an arrangement album since the PMM days, but hey, I can deal with $10 (ok, it was more like 15 Canadian, but I'll still live) for what I was hearing in those previews (actually nevermind, I got the OneUps volume 2 last year, so that wasn't that long ago at all!).

Looking forward to hearing the finished product!.

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Nice site, guys! Long overdue.

Been listening to some of the previews...very, very tempted to buy this. Those tracks sound hot...and I see that Ailsean's here as well; haven't heard from him in a long while. It's just that I'm not a huge fan of CT so we'll see what happens.

Either way, keep on doing what you're doing, people. I loved OneUps volume 2 and Bad Dudes kick ass.

Speaking of which, this announcement made me visit your OUS site again...and much to my surprise I see that you guys are working on a Super Mario Kart album! Very, very cool. Loved those recording videos. I'm definitely going to be buying this!

EDIT: Just pimped out this stuff:


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Well, as strapped for cash as I am and as much as I should be pinching every penny until I get a job, you guys put together a marketing plan that's pretty hard to say no to :P I've only casually perused the sample tracks so this should be almost a complete surprise to me when it finally arrives.

Let's hope this one doesn't disappoint! :)

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I got this. I ordered it the day I saw the article on ThaSauce. Just got it in yesterday and I love it. It was really confusing that it went from 15 - 24 so quickly though. I was listening to 24 and I checked what track it was and I'm like "wait a minute...wasn't 15 the last track I listened to?" Way confusing.

But Nice Work! :nicework:

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I didn't see this thread until after the price was raised to $12, but still so worth it. Just got it today, and it is freakin' sweet.

Hemophiliac summed it up nicely:

gotta say i'm loving it all, finally have some new driving music.

I've gotten tired of my usual driving music lately, as well.

In short: epic win.

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