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9/9/99 Nevar Forget!!!


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I couldn't resist playing some Gundam Rise from the Ashes (best gundam game with no gundams in it) and Marvel vs Capcom 2 (I suck at that game). Took me for a ride it did. And of course, Sonic Adventure. The intro song, and the part of the intro where Chaos sticks its head through a building and some Japanese dude is screaming gives me chills.

Deep Fighter, House of the Dead 2, Starlancer, Armada, Toy Commander, and more... no one will forget... until everyone's dead.

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Well there is Powerstone 2...

It's a bit different than 1, supporting 4 players at once, if you're not familiar. What's nice about it though, it makes a great party game, especially for casual people, as it's not as technical and as overwhelming as Smash Bros can be for people unfamiliar with it.

It's got some excellent, highly involved, interactive stages as well.

Powerstone 1 and 2 (with online matchmaking) should really get a XBL/PSN reissue.

As far as casual-friendly fighting games on the DC are concerned, I found Rival Schools 2/Project Justice to be very good for playing with "inexperienced" people.

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Episode 44 of ScrewAttack Top Ten was released on 9-09-009, and was the Top 10 Sega DreamCast Games, in celebration of the DreamCast's decadial anniversary. The list is as follows.

#10. Crazy Taxi //Could've been higher if it didn't introduce in-game advertising to video games

#9. Either House of the Dead or Typing of the Dead //Typing of the Dead inspired Texting of the Bread

#8. Skies of Arcadia

#7. Jet Grind Radio

#6. Soul Calibur

#5. Sonic Adventure 2 //Because it didn't have Big the Cat

#4. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

#3. Phantasy Star Online

#2. Shenmue

#1. Whichever one of these five each viewer liked the best: Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Plasma Sword, or either of the Power Stone games

As long as I live, I'll probably never forget Episode 402, The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000, when CSKK had to hide teeth under pillows, trick the parents into replacing them with money, and siphon the money before anyone ever found out. Their goal was to save up hundreds of $ and buy a SEEEGA DREAMCAAAAAST!!!

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I recently picked up a Dreamcast from my former roommate, along with 14 games earlier this summer.

I'd been playing a lot of Mr. Driller (fantastic puzzle game), and now, some JET SET RADIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - hot damn is it an awesome game or what.

I've been gravitating towards arcade and arcade-style games a lot recently in the last few years, so Sega consoles definitely had that type of game covered on their consoles, since they were the kings of the arcade back in the 80s and 90s. The NAOMI hardware is a great little beast and the games made for it always impress (when you factor in the time it was around) - heck third-party devs were still making NAOMI games all the way up till 2006, I believe.

I'm appreciating now the consoles I had never played back in the day, and am appreciating what Sega did in the console races even if I had grown up a die-hard Nintendo kid my whole life.

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#1. Whichever one of these five each viewer liked the best: Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Plasma Sword, or either of the Power Stone games

Ah, Power Stone(s). I wish I had the time to waste five hours on them now.

Damn you, Sega marketing. You are responsible for the demise of a great legacy.

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Considering the DC was far and away the best console of the 6th generation, yes.

It was the best but somehow... failed?!

I remember I had one, and had Sonic Adventure, The Grinch, Tony Hawk, Centipede, maybe something else I forget. I think I only got games for it when I got the actual system, same with my N64 which I only had Yoshi's Story for... weird.. :-( Makes me feel bad man, why you gotta bring up these old hurtful memories? Why you gotta keep giving me a Hertz Donut?

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