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Square Enix + PopCap = Puzzle RPG


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breaking news

square enix is teaming up with popcap to make a game called 'rake in money to help square enix get back all the money they spent making final fantasy 13'

I'm pretty sure that they're planning on getting back the money they spent making FF13 by selling FF13.

I think this game looks really cool. The art is undeniably unbelievable. It looks like they've added some RPG elements to the puzzle parts, too, and are using it as some kind of damage dealing system instead of just having regular 1-on-1 puzzle matches. If it were like an RPG except with regular bejeweled matches as random battles, I wouldn't want to play it.

What they REALLY should do is make puzzles way more prominent in traditional RPGs. The only way we usually have to become stronger is battling. Most RPGs put you through well over 1000 battles. They should totally just cut that number in half and replace it with different kinds of puzzles from which you also receive experience. Or they could do like in Alundra where, if you don't toil for hours at a time, you just can't move forward. That game was HARSH! LOVED it!

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SquareEnix: Hey, how about we re-release one of your games with our name and pretty pictures stamped on it?

PopCap: Oh, so that means we can sell the same game to a new, larger audience and make a ton of money... again?

SquareEnix: Yeah, but this time we want to be there for it.

PopCap: ...ok

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