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OCR01138 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Forest Birdcussion"

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This is probably my favorite track from Prot also. It seems as though compared to his other DKC2 mixes there is a greater proficiency in mixing, mastering, and arranging. Also, the samples used are quite good. The new age-ish progression and execution is both relaxing and well done. The 'birdcussion' is quite catchy, and not at all grating or overly repetitive. In fact, the piece as a whole is not repetitive, though you might expect it to be because of the length.

Two thumbs up. Keep up the good work.

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This is the best remix ever! It is in the top 1 ;-) You will easily recognise the original song / instruments of dk2, but greatly enhanced! I'm always jumping to this song in my winamp playlist, and i listen it twice because it is so good! It seems like it can be the Nintendo orchestrated version of the original song!

Protricity, you're on the road of perfection! Continue to create such good remixes of Dk2 and of all others DK games!

Sorry for my bad english ;-)

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I suppose I'm not an integral part of this community at all... I rarely post anywhere but in ReView anymore. I post about once every so many months, at that. I'm a lurker, you see. I post when I just feel It'd be a crime not to.

That said...

This ReMix commands my attention. The first time I heard it I was blown away. I got the chills. I closed my eyes and just listened... I think I had it on replay about a dozen times. Seems like every time I'd listen to it I'd hear a little something I hadn't before, like the ghost SFX from the rope ghosts - I sadly cannot remember the exact name of the level or area offhand - or the subtle echos of the original synth around 3' or so...

Sometimes I wonder what it is about the Donkey Kong Country games and their music that is so appealing to me. Sometimes I wonder why I still feel like they were the best gaming experience I've ever had. Only a few RPGs can hold a place in my heart as close as them. What was Rare's inspiration? Where did David Wise and the other come from? Did Nintendo realize what they had, or do they even do today?

Anyway, I'm getting off track... I'm a sentimental type... :(

So here's my verdict: this is one of the top ten remixes on this site, hands down. This ReMix has become a personal favorite. After listening to this I found it hard to listen to almost all the other electronica on OCR without feeling a lack in quality... like something that I once heard is no longer there anymore. I don't know if it's fair to say this or not, but I feel like I've seen the highest mark a ReMix can currently reach, and anything in the same genre just seems so contrived in comparason.

I have to stop typing at some point, so I might as well close now before I go on for another six paragraphs. Ari, I don't know if you'll read this or not, but this is my personal thank-you to you for putting so much love into this remix. It's not just that it's a great song, and that I play it so many times on loop at a time people in the general area slowly move away ( :P ), but it's the fact that this ReMix has a certain texture and emotion to it. It not only captures the emotion and texture of the original music, but for me it sublimates into something more. It's hard to put into words...

It has beauty, it has soul, it has life all its own. It is its own microcosm. It has such a powerful mix of nostalgia and art it takes all other things off my mind. When I listen to this, I get this feeling that I am not being lied to. That is the best possible combination of words I can find right now. Not "I feel like I'm hearing the truth." Just that I'm not being lied to.

I don't know what to say. 10/10. Five stars.

Ari, with every one of your mixes I've heard, your skill continues to grow. I take comfort in the knowledge that you still love the whole experience, DK and all. You have real talent. God bless you, man.


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I'm a big fan of this mix. I loved the song to begin with and this is a delightful little journey through it's melodies and possible variations. There's something captivating about this song, I keep finding myself coming back to it.

Definately a fan of the harder drums @ 3:33... brings it so much flow. The flourishes of percussion like at 4:25 show you know what you're doing, you're not kidding around. Plus the beautiful and pro sounding piano, beautiful synth lines and realistic/appropriate sound effects.

Good job Protricity, another score.

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I signed up to post on these forums just to share my opinions on this song. I've not heard a better remixed song on this site and the musical complexity of it blows me away. I've proabbly listened to this song about thirty times now, and every time I listen it only gets better. The quality of this music rivals much professional stuff outside of the video game world. The remix is rich with perfectly scored melodies, and the samples are all right-on. The bird-chirping even adds to the beautiful, ethereal spring feel. The early drums are perfect...I don't know what else to say. The song amazes me as I hear all the things in the background that I haven;t heard before. All the piano runs in the background are nice, and the synth bass is perfect for the occasion. Ok, enough of my rambling...but this is my favorite remix of all.

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In keeping with the general concensus, while I'm loving every one of Protricity's DKC mixes, this has got to be my favorite. I recently took a cross country drive, and don't know *how* many times I played it going through the Colorado Rockies. The song just seemed to fit the whole atmosphere-- trees, birds, sunshine. Definitely a relaxed, laid back tune with a floaty, peaceful rhythm you can get lost in.

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