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Happy Birthday, Mazedude!


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How can we forget about the most varied talent on OCR? Happy birthday, dude.

I'm always waiting for your next submission - actually, I'm waiting for the day you submit a gansta-rap remix of something like Amagon's theme, and actually produce something I enjoy. The scary thing is, I think you could do it. Really.

Anyhow, happy birthday, and keep on truckin' some impressive music, here!

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Happy Birthday to the man who put everyone in the breakdance circle at the MAG7 DJset to shame. Your skills with Capoeira, as well as remixing, are tops. Have an awesome-tastic day.

Damn it, you beat me to it... Ditto indeed.

Mazedude, you're an awesome guy. Hope you and the wife enjoyed this one together. :) Happy birthday.

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