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Dragon Warrior Project - Claim tracks, send WIPs, yeah?


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Sure... or if worse comes to worse, AIM Ari, he will give it to me :J

(also I did not know that was you, I remember mass defriending people I didn't recognize one day *_*) Also I searched and am not sure which one you are, better off re-adding me :U

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So what happens now? The birth of a milestone?


People need to get off their butts and start claiming tracks for this project, and start getting their claims to a substantial state! I see a lot of openings and there's a lot of common mixers not on this project. I know everyone's busy and there's a lot of projects going on, but seriously -- put some love in for this one. It deserves it. That is all.

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Oh uh... what happened... No it's not cut it was supposed to be bonus. I copied and pasted an older version and I guess it wasn't in the post??

Let me re-add it.

Any song that is finished and doesn't make it onto the real project will be on the bonus, unless it's just the worst thing in the world and raps about dick-butt quest over ducks quacking... which doesn't sound too bad btw.

Oh yeah and AeroZ has joined, taking DQ II - Requiem.


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Hey guys!

Okay we have some great news.

AeroZ has sent me a WIP for REQUIEM from DQ2... So far it's gettin' frickin beautiful... Can't wait to hear the finished product.

In other news:

Cyrilthewolf has joined the project claiming DQ2, Unknown World! He's promised awesome "droney stoner rock"... Yeah!

ShrackAttack has promised to claim a track from DQ2 w/ some awesome vibraphone work, so here's hoping to hearing from him soon with his pick.

I'm so excited!

p.s. NeoS... Ah yes I still have that... I was thinking to move it to bonus as well to give maybe some more room to anyone who might want to claim it under the track guidelines... But the project is moving extremely slow as of now so I wouldn't worry too much... It's gonna come down to a decision on the flow of the album after all.

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