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December is OCR Reviews Month!


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So, I'm coming down with a cold and I'm sick at home today, so I literally had nothing better to do than review all day.


Thanks to everyone else's slackerness, I was able to completely flood the front page of that board with my name :-P Currently I have 188 reviews done (turning terrors is my most recent.)

Hey, Jack Polo, we should combine ours and then we'll be exactly at 200! :tomatoface:

EDIT: There's my 200. It's been fun, thanks for starting this up OA! I've found quite a few mixes that I never would have listened to otherwise :-) I'll keep throwing down reviews from here on out, thanks for getting me in a good habit, haha! :-D

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Congrats to Emunator on 200 reviews!

Per the agreement where anyone who hits 200 reviews in Dec gets to request a song that i'll remix, he gets first dibs!

Also, podcast will come back, but probably not Dec. Me working on my DoD entry is taking up a lot of free time. I also assumed that no one listened, or those who did hated it. :<

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I stopped at ten because I realized that my reviews were becoming horribly bloated. It's one thing to take too long in writing a review, but it's altogether another to show it by text-walling. And I really liked my reviews this time around too, especially the terrible jokes I managed to include in each one, but if they're too long to read then what's the point?

So I've given up on December is reviews month. I don't feel guilty for only doing ten, just as I don't feel guilty for tipping 15%, because if everyone did that then *cue Louie Armstrong*. But I feel badly for abandoning a cause I fully endorse (especially since some artists truly appreciate thoughtful reviews), so I'll make up for it once I find a balance in my review process. And standby for a much-belated completion of EoB,LoR reviews (with a clever interim post I have in mind).

It's been great to see all the reviews, though, so I hope folks keep at it. And I hope more get into it.

Music is what ocr is about. Some can make it. All can appreciate it.

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I was gonna try for 200, but I sorta gave up after getting to 50. I still might try to get 100, but I think I'm better served (since there are already plenty of people doing this) by either commenting on the WIP forums or working on a mix.

Still, it was fun to do the 50 so I'm glad this month was here to motivate me to do that. I will try to get to some more reviews soon.

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so close yet so far. I ended up with exactly 175.

I want to extend a sincere thank-you to everyone who did reviews (even if it was just 1) because of this little drive.

Extra congratulations to Emunator and 42, who reached the very difficult to achieve 200 reviews. Not even I could muster that kind of dedication to the site. Thank you both, very much. :-)

Awesome work, and here's to 2010 being great!

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And just in time too.

*keels over from exhaustion*

Hey, congrats man :-D Glad I'm not the only one that reached the goal! Your reviews were great!

I know I've slowed down a lot since I hit 200, but my aim is to review every new song that gets posted on the site from here on out and throw my opinions on old mixes from time to time, as well :-)

It's been a pleasure participating, great job everyone :-D And thanks for all the congratulations! :-)

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Thank you all for the kind words, and it still feels awesome that I'm able to participate and contribute to this community any way I can. :-D It's definitely been a December to remember for me. :-)

And I'm also glad for all those who were able to participate. Awesome job everyone! :nicework:

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