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New Years Resolutions 2010

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Well, it's the end of another year quite soon. The end of a decade, and the end of the first decade of a new millennium. We're all one year older and wiser, so I think it's time to look back on the last year and see if we kept our resolutions (or at the very least remember them). Also, does anyone know their resolutions for the upcoming year? I've started thinking about mine, for sure, but haven't settled on anything yet. I guess one biggie for me would be to actually invest in a house, though I'm sure there are others.

Please share your new resolutions and, if you feel so inclined, reflect on your progress on the ones from last year.

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a house would be a good thing, stevo. no more drunken naked roomies =)

this coming year's a big one for me. graduating from masters work means that i'll have to actually start doing something in the real world. i'd say that it's time for me to get my shit together and start focusing on what i do instead of goofing around the whole time :<

hitting the gym wouldn't hurt either.

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Yay I love New Year's Resolutions. Even though they often end up being like January resolutions and then forgotten for 11 months >.>

I thought I'd done pretty well with my 2009 resolutions... until I took a look and actually saw what they were just now. x_x Let's see:


- Become mostly vegan. Success! (Prior to this I was vegetarian, not at all vegan.)

- Write 4 new songs with Vinnie. We didn't write ANY new songs but we did finish up 6 old ones and put out an EP so that's not too bad.

- Edit the novel I wrote in 2007. Total fail.

- Move from the area. Total fail.


- Eat less processed foods.

- Put mental health/sanity before creative goals instead of being constantly stressed out.

- All of the goals mentioned in the musical goals thread.

- Establish/maintain internet presence (need to update personal websites as they are woefully out of date, and maintain accounts on other sites, etc.)

- more to come?

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I'm pretty sure my new years resolution for 2009 was something like "get in better shape" or "spend less money," something I couldn't easily quantify from the beginning, and something I wasn't really feeling.

This year, it's a bit different: In 2010, I'm going to change career paths, and that's the only real resolution/goal.

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Hmm...I'm pretty sure last year they were pretty generic/nonspecific, in that I don't remember them. This year! Hmm...all kinds of potential for this. Priority one for me would be spending less money on food - shopping more, ordering less, etc. This is tricky because I'm living with 5 other guys, 1 of which is a kosher Jew who does his own shopping, and another who orders on his own all the time, etc etc. We used to be in the habit of regular shopping/cooking, but fell out of that routine for whatever reason.

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I have many goals for 2010:

- Its high time to cut this kiddult crap and finalize the adulthood process. I intend to grossly improve my level of maturity and the way in which I understand and comprehend things.

- I intend to get published. I don't care what. I already have a short story coming out soon, but I have bigger fish to fry still.

- Try my luck at an indie record label.

- Part time job.

- Gig for a band up in Baltimore.

- Go back to school with the music I've done and ask them what they can do for me in that respect.

- Try and start dating. Or not. I don't really care at this point.

- Need to have a little chat with Ma and Pa, individually.

- This is a big one: Need to restructure my music setup and improve my compositional habits. Now that I have the tools, I have to learn how to use them. So help me God, I'll be kicking more ass than there was ever ass to begin with!

- Need to GET OFF THE INTERNET more and enjoy peace and tranquility in the real world. Need to quit working so much and find balance.

It is also my intention to officially erase as much enmity as I have had with as many people as I haven't destroyed yet. Yes, that would be an interesting dynamic. I got a pair of balls, its high time I started throwing them around.

2009 was a shitload better than 2008, therefore it stands to reason that 2010 will be even better than 2009.

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I never make new years resolutions - it usually ends on a disappointing note. So I don't think I made any at all last year. Buuut.. it can't hurt to make one this year. Just one though, cuz I'm an overachiever like that.

I'd like to do something 'professional' involving art. And by 'professional' I mean lucrative. I'd love to get a design printed at Threadless, so that's something I believe I'll work towards.

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I have failed every New Year's resolution I have ever named. This year shall be different.

So, here...

-- I won't fail this year's New Year's resolution

-- break into web development, take it all by about as much storm as I can muster! ^_^;

-- continue to workout and develop myself physically

-- start a career with a company in web development, preferrably something big, because I don't like to do anything small, or start my own business

-- live a little, get out more, see the world, travel it. :)

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2 chicks at the same time.

Other than two chicks at the same time? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.:tomatoface:

Seriously, my resolutions for this year completely fell through.

I wanted to NOT get behind with my studies... that didn't work out too well.

I wanted to get a private music teacher... again, didn't happen.


This new year, my resolutions will include finishing the website for the Lake Murray Symphony Orchestra (LMSO), playing with said Orchestra, and walking/running and just generally exercising more.

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Be a better person, was my last years goal. As it turned out, I just quit giving a damn. Had some problems with some people, and yeah. I believe i became a better person. I never used to try to help people very often. Now I do, although I still get called an ass for taking life for what it is, it is what it is, ya know?

but for Oh'10 My GOALS are: (yeah i have more then one!)

- Learn to play the guitar

- Learn song structure

- Better Social skills, in the sense of just being able to talk to be and not feel so damn awkward. Its a work in progress. :)

- Get along with my brother Thomas better, Hope this happens someday.

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What we need in the world are more harpsichord players. Wouldn't that be grand?

There are a few pieces I specifically want to learn next year...

I want to be able to play on the piano:

-As Time Goes By...

-Ravel's Pavane for the Dead Princess (this is the main one... IT'S TOUGH!!!)

-Bach's Invention No. 8

-Any piece by Chopin. I think it's probably high time I learned something from him.

And I'd like to continue to work on my little writing projects and such...

Other than goals like that, I usually don't set resolutions for myself... Usually because I almost never keep anything major.

Though I can keep up a Lenten promise alright.

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Second, make sure you can handle ONE woman. Not a chick, not a babe, not a girl, but a WOMAN. If you can handle ONE woman then you might be able to move onto two chicks. Third, two chicks at the same time is overrated.

Also, I thought of another new years resolution: get more than six hours of sleep average a night. Oh, and lose another 10 pounds and be in prime shape.

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