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Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart - History


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Okay, I think it's been postponed again already. :)!!


From deviantart:



Hey, GAHQ and OCR present FFIX: Worlds Apart!

  • by Reinhold-Hoffmann, Jul 7, 2015, 10:28:46 AM
  • Journals / Personal
Do you remember that we spoke about collaborating with that other big community that creates tributes for video games? Yup, OverClockedRemix one of the inspirations for me to actually start Game-Art-HQ and we started our first collaboration back in winter 2014 with a big Final Fantasy IX Music and Art Tribute called Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart.

Over 50 musicans from OCR and around 20 artists from GA-HQ worked together to create an amazing tribute that is getting released now. In a couple of days the whole album on OCR and since today, the art gallery with 2 characters per day on Game-Art-HQ.com.

But do look at the art, it's amazing! :)

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