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OCR Meetup: Las Vegas, August 2010: **PICS PAGE 43-44**


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'Twas cool meeting you OCR peeps. Gario knows his Hold 'em, and Prot can totally play for me next time xD ha ha. Too bad I had so much to do otherwise I would have definitely been down for more. Perhaps another meet-up! Also, I can now match faces to remixes -- I definitely found I had at least one remix saved from everybody I met that I had enjoyed for quite some time -- so keep up your inspiration! :idea:

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Didn't you not have any money to go and like your ride fell apart etc.? :U

The reason I say this is that even though the hotel was as cheap as we could make it be (I mean 37 a night is great) most of the people that went spent a great deal of money in general, especially on food, and we did the best we could to find good deals and get coupons etc. So yeah, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

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True that. I spent about $100 just on food and drink for the week. That's not counting other stuff like gambling or other necessities. I know others spent way more. We tried finding coupons and stuff, but in most cases, there weren't any, and depending on where you go, stuff isn't always cheap.

Going to MAG this year, factoring in hotel and airfare and such, will likely run Neko and I well over $1,000, just to get an idea. :T

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I spent way more than $100 during my stay. :neutral:

My sister's husband was telling me how Vegas has slowly been shifting its image away from the land of the $2 buffets and free drinks, because they've realised (shortly after the opening of the Wynn) that the economic recession hit hard the little common guy, but not the CEOs and other rich executives who are likely to want to spend $200 on a bottle of wine and $500 a night for a hotel room.

Also I totally didn't meet Salluz. :( Totally missed him

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Well it's like this. You CAN get cheap food, you just have to stay up past midnight to get it, you can forget anything under ten dollars during the rest of the day.

Bills had that great steak deal, Flamingo had the burger deal... I am sure there are more though, but you gotta wait.

The rest of the time, you can forget eating under 10 dollars unless you have a coupon, and it's usually just two for one, or under some dumb conditions.

If you buy a coupon book though, it's a bit better, like Ari and I did for 2009... But we only bought it (for 40 dollars) because we knew we were going to use it, and we did...

This time the best we could do was like we did at PH with that three dollars each paid to get us half off at PH Dailies. (which was more like 40% off instead)

But see, for a big group to spend 10 dollars or less when we go out to eat it's almost impossible... I think like every time we went out people would forget that we were gonna get an 18% grat and there was nothing we could do about that lol, and of course tax...

But under the stress of large groups, I think our wait staffs did reasonably well... By the end, I think the two times I tried to get us all to go out, at PH and at Ellis Island, the deals were pretty nice... But yeah, not as good as those in your home town... I was ONLY trying to keep it under 10 dollars for everyone.

The buffet deal was okay, 18 dollars for that buffet was a bit nicer than 24. I'm glad that worked out okay. But yeah, if you want to go out and just get food, you're going to pay 15 to 20 dollars usually, unless you find that good deal or a light eater.

Anyway I had fun with you all, and eating out was fun too! If we do this again, we should definitely have a better grasp on eating there, and what to expect.

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