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Mega Man X Series Project: Maverick Fight ($$$ prize!) - Tracks for everyone (first post)!

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So I have a nice little contest here for you guys - the Mega Man X Series project is in need of some boss tracks from various games of the series, and we're letting you guys take your pick!

The style must be appropriate for the X games (i.e. no slow jazzy boss song). Medleys are allowed.

The deadline for this is March 1, 2010 - decision will be by the MMX project crew in collective voting. Entries are submitted to me via PM, email, etc.

The first place prize is $200, a physical copy of the OCR FF4 album and a guaranteed placement in the project.

The second place prize is $100.

The third place prize is $50.

We will welcome all good tracks that comes out of this of course! May the best person win!

Edit: Here's the anonymous/untagged versions of the entries that are currently being voted on: http://www.math.uiuc.edu/~wcho6/ContestPack.rar

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Heck, for 250 bucks, you could get a whole album done these days. :mrgreen:

But question is: how all the other remixers on the album will feel, knowing that two persons got paid this much,

while 20 equally-worthy artists haven't received a dime for their hardwork?

Makes me wonder about the legitimity of introducing money in the whole 'arranging for fun' thing,

and also wonder what will come next...

Anyway, I hope you get plenty of entries for this. Rockman X is awesomeness!

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity, so good luck to all contestants.

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Well, I want people to choose tracks that they want to do - the exposure will be great for those on board. I am trying to get people to do a certain type of track though because nobody stepped up to the plate in choosing them willingly (excepting for various Zero/X vs. Zero tracks for the most part), so this is to give incentive.

I'm not uncle moneybags, so I don't have THAT much money to give away freely - however, I feel like $200 with a $50 second place prize should be enough incentive to get someone excited about doing such a track.

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Hey Bahumut,

A small aside, your nick name, Bahumut, reminds me of fighting Bahumut on the moon in FF2, was that not epic?

Ahem, anyways, You mentioned that you want a style that is not jazzy, but could you elaborate a little bit? Anything fast-ish or.. perhaps you could give a BPM range? I'd hate to fall flat based on requirements.

Not that I'd do it for the money, but 200$ would be nice. I'd probably just donate it to OCR. Since I got waxed in the *other* megaman comp my schedule has opened right up :sleepzzz:

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Alright, I'll try to make it fit.

The MMX music never stuck with me, even though I played every mega man game (platformer game at least), so choosing a track(s) was difficult. But I agree with the one you thought was awesome, so hopefully you like what I come up with :wink:

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