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Pokémon Black/White: V-Create Victini on Nintendo WiFi until Dec 31st!

The Damned

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And aren't those two in the same evolutionary family? So you won't need to trade for them.........unless I'm getting names confused.

Zorua and Zoroark aren't limited to only one version, but I need his DS to do the transfer over my Celebi and Suicune/Raikou/Entei from my Soul Silver in order for the event to occur. :)

I posted my FC info a few pages back, if anybody wants to battle I'm in the low 20s right now.

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Am I the only one that always starts with all three starters (via starting multiple games on a 2nd DS and trading something over)?

I just hate having to choose :P

I did that with Diamond & Pearl. I didn't this time because I only bought Black. Though if I bothered to look at the Toys r Us flyer, I would have bought both since it was buy 1, get 1 half off ... >(

Funny thing is, I never did finish D&P. I finished Platinum last year after about 2 months, but I gave up after getting the 7th badge in Diamond.

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It's not really necessary to do that on B/W since it's supposedly pretty easy to get the other starters through the GTS anyway. Not to mention that this time around you can catch much cooler pokemon than the starters, as opposed to Gen 4. *cough*Scraggy*cough*

Did anyone do the Wi-fi Mystery Gift event thing yet? It runs until some time in april and lets you catch a level 15 Victini, which is a legendary fire/psychic pokemon. It's accessible to everyone that can connect to the internet with their DS.

Also I give all my pokemon nicknames, my current party consists of:

Scrafty - G-unit

Lampent - Candlebro

Cofagrigus - Ghostie

Galvantula - Bugzapper

Serperior - Basil

and either Pidove (with fly) - V2

or Tirtouga (with surf) - Sheldon

They're all around level 45ish, with the exception of the HM slaves obviously.

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I cleared Liberty Island out, but haven't captured Victini yet. I've been having some trouble with not killing it in one hit, so I'm going to wait until I can find more Ultra Balls and something that can whittle its HP down safely.

Off to find something that can learn False Swipe and a sleep attack!

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Victini tends to use Endure a lot, especially as his first move, I think if you use something that would knock him out right off the bat, you have a good chance of bringing him down to 1 HP. I caught him with a level 33 Zebstrika with thunderwave. :<

Mind you, still had to waste all my ultra/great/timer balls before I finally caught it in a pokeball of all things.

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Mind you, still had to waste all my ultra/great/timer balls before I finally caught it in a pokeball of all things.

I'm convinced that legendaries are programmed to do this.

"OK, gonna catch this legendary. Good thing I just bought 99 ultra balls!"

"Fuck each and every one of your ultra balls."


"well shit"

Every damn time.

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Yes, the RNG system does not favor your more expensive, harder-to-find balls at all. But the instant you're down to the shitty cheap ones you started with, suddenly your luck goes up.

Unless you plan it that way, then it says "fuck your plans" and then nothing will work at all.

I'm also trying to get a decent one, with a good nature and some good IVs. I had one yesterday that was roughly 29 in general, but then had something like 3 in special defense.

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Some advice for those doing the Liberty Island/Victini event:

I used the ticket after exploring Castelia a little but before I beat Burgh. I was around level 20-25 and it seems like it was the best time to take on the enemies and Victini without being overpowered.

Nice job, Deia. :3

As for Poke Balls, I like to color-coordinate the Balls with the Pokemon. For instance, I caught Joltik in a Quick Ball because of the Yellow/Blue scheme the Ball and Pokemon share, regardless of Joltik not being a "Pokemon that flees". I wish there were a special Ball for each type of Pokemon that would compliment them, or maybe a Ball customization feature. I like stuff like that.

I seem to have solved my Berry shortage. All I did was get a list of Wild Hold Items and away I went with CompoundEyes Joltik and Frisk Gothita (courtesy of Tensei). I pretty much spent all evening yesterday hunting for Hold Items. Now I'm swimming in Berries!

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2752 0516 2286


It's pretty awesome; beat the JP Black, but thought I'd try White for the differences.

And yet, the very first Pokémon I encountered in both was a female Lillipup (Yooterii).

Oh, yeah, I chose Oshawott as my starter. Wasn't happy with Tepig in Black, so I thought I'd go with Water.

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Well, it is.

man growing up during the 80s with a sister who was all into that, probably explains my tolerance to cutesy stuff...

Nice to see their updated version has some personality, reminds me of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends except the animation looks more smooth.

Back on topic...


very tempting to test some ideas thanks to the new TM system...

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Man, Dragon pokemon are soooooo cheap this time around... They spam Dragon Dance until they can wipe out any pokemon with Dragon Slash in one hit.

The only way I could beat that gym was using Lilligant's Leach Seed and Sleep Powder and juggling my pokemon (Revive, get killed, switch, revive, etc...) until the dragon died. I don't think I've ever really used an ice or dragon pokemon in my team before...

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