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Pokémon Black/White: V-Create Victini on Nintendo WiFi until Dec 31st!

The Damned

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Now, we know that everyone will be playing Black and White tomorrow

Bitch please, I've been playing that shit since friday.

But yeah this game is SO GOOD. I ordered a fucking USB wi-fi thingy just so I'd be able to trade shit online.

I got a Snivy as starter (HIS NAME IS BASIL) and in terms of version exclusive pokemon I guess I have a Gothita for trade. :<

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You people with your malls and local Gamestops...

I'll just have to wait for mine to ship (prob by Wed) because I don't feel like spending the time and gas to drive two hours to get it.

But I'm not bitter.

BTW Damned, it's Oshawott, not "Ohsawott" nor "Ohsowott." :D Shows how much you care about our newest otter friend...

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Got White at Toys R Us. They had a deal of a free stylus/cloth/ds cartridge cases with the game, plus %50 off another DS game, which I ended up getting Super Scribblenauts with (and had a $15 gift card I keep forgetting about so that game was essentially free!). Will most likely be starting with a Snivy, but we'll see....

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My GameStop opened 2 hours before the rest of the mall opened. Another guy who was about 17 walked into the mall at the same time I did and asked what I was there for. He was very happy to learn that I was picking up Pokemon and that I'm 25.

This encounter reaffirmed my belief in the Pokemon life cycle:

6-12 years old: Yay Pokemon!!!

13-17 years old: Pokemon is teh gay! Play Call of Duty or Halo! (but secretly I still love it...)

18-23 years old: Now that I'm in college, I'm mature enough to admit that I like Pokemon, and most of my friends are the same way

24+ years old: (a) I like RPGs, and Pokemon games are always good RPGs, so yeah, I'll play a new one, (B) life gets in my way, so I can't play long RPGs like that anymore, or © I can't play it, but my kids will love it.

Under ©, the cycle begins anew.

Also, Snivy is a kickass starter, and (*spoiler?*) I like the idea of effectively giving you a second "starter" within the first two hours of playing.(/*spoiler*)

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I got White and my credit card number is 1034 0525 1399.

Team Oshawott.

I don't think I have anything anyone could want. But we can water eachothers berries when the Dream World goes online, if you know what I mean. Ooh lala.

Also: SoulSplint, unfortunately no items are transferrable from Gen IV into Gen V. (inb4 Lock Capsule, The Damned)

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Nice win, sir. Yeah, this thing is weird. It either lets you pick No Restrictions or Flat Rules - which forces 3 vs 3 and sets anything above Lv 50 to 50 and leaves anything below Lv 50 as is, I believe.

That's odd if they dont allow Team battles of 6 vs 6.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong. In any case, nice battling ya. :)

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