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Super Street Fighter IV


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Fully agree with Capcom's money grabbing methods.

However, this is the way Capcom has ALWAYS done things. It was to be expected as soon as the "huge" sales reports came in when SF4 hit. It's a day-one buy for me when they included Dudley, Guy and Cody. It might be easy money for them, but i'm satisfied with the added characters and gameplay mechanics, so you won't hear me complaining.

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why would we need Yang when we have Gen

cuz Gen is a old fart

uhhhhh yeah the game is going to be $40 bucks

Back to Haken. In SF2 Blanka and Dhalsim were kinda the joke characters

IN SFA R.Mika and Dan

and in SF3 Necro & Twelve....and i guess Sean are the joke Characters so i guess having Haken isn't to bad

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