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OCR TF2: Stab stab stab!


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Got a spare Towering Pillar.

I can has? I've got a spare Buckaroo's Hat and Medic Mountain Cap.

Unrelated: I'm liking Foundry for the most part. There's plenty of ammo, which seems to be a rarity for 5CP maps except Fastlane. Large crates = LOVE. It's pretty hard to push out from the last point once the other team takes the yard outside though. And I've seen mid change hands maybe twice.

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if anyone gets the new wrench


trade it to me

Or you could wait until the 22nd, when they'll get crafting recipes. I'm not sure if they're dropping normally now or not; if not, they will starting the 22nd.

As for the crates, honestly, the Nice crates are more useful for getting the holiday hats than weapons (the Holiday hats have a 45% or so chance or dropping from a Nice Winter Crate). Those weapons will likely get crafting recipes and start dropping on the 22nd as well.

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Did a search and found no results so I'll just post here since it's the most likely place to get some crossover: Anyone play Nuclear Dawn? I'm having fun with it and think that if there's enough interest we could maybe get an OCR server of it going. Well, that's up to PL of course.

Just a thought.

And now back to your regularly scheduled TF2 hats.

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So, I dunno if this is the gift I was supposed to get as part of the new contest's first objective, but I have a steam coupon for 50% off anything Valve-published. That said, I already own everything Valve-published, so if anyone wants it, I'm willing to trade. Unless that's what everyone got. In which case... er, how about them local sports team? :tomatoface:

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I discovered an error in the startup scripts for the current servers that made both servers use the same core. Now both servers will use both cores as needed (which shouldn't be a problem unless both are really busy).

I'm hoping correcting this problem with fix the lag spikes that occasionally happen.

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We've released a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the update are below.


Team Fortress 2

- Added community-created winter items to the drop lists, the craft tables, and the store

- Added the Spirit of Giving

- Gifts from Secret Saxtons and Piles o' Gifts now have a chance to grant a gift in addition to whatever item they would have granted normally

- Fixed hearing the deny sound while rotating a sentry during placement

- Manmelter balance tweaks:

---- Added particle effect on muzzle that appears when ready to fire

---- Increased projectile speed while maintaining the same travel arc

---- Increased extinguish range

- Added festive lights to all ropes and cables

- Fixed a problem that would sometimes allow the detonator projectiles to crit on burning targets

- Updated the localization files

- Updated the gamehaptics file:

---- Added draw/melee swing/melee hit/crit forces for the The Sharp Dresser and the Spy-cicle

---- Added draw/recoil/reload/crit forces for the Pomson 6000

---- Added draw/recoil/crit forces for the Manmelter

---- Added draw/recoil force for the Wrap Assassin

---- Added melee hit/world hit force for the Third Degree

---- Added crit forces for the Holiday Punch

---- Fixed missing forces for Demoman swords

---- Refined recoil force for the Sandman

So, it should install very shortly.

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