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Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble! - History


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just wanna remind everyone that this project hasn't gone stale yet :-P We have nothing for you guys right now but that video preview is still going to happen... I swear.

Feel free to lob all complaints at me in the meantime. And welcome Fishy, who's helping finish off Theophany's ending track. I think. That track's gonna be boss, foreal. I also got a 30 second Wip for Enchanted version 5, that's pretty cool :-)

So... I hope we haven't lost all you guys. We're still here, just waiting for the OCR queue to sort itself out and these last few tracks to reach fruition.

Any questions we can answer for you guys in the meantime?

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Rock on! Great to have an update, even if it's a small one. :D

So we're waiting on three tracks right now, right? (Or is it four? Haha) Glad to know they're being worked on; last I'd heard Enchanted had more or less stalled, so it's good to know it's also making progress.

Still totally pumped for the album. Every time I listen to that last preview I just... I really, really wanna hear Intoxica, haha. The wait will have been worth it even just for that. :P

Thanks for all the hard work all of you guys are putting into this album! I know it's gonna be so great. :D

EDIT: Also, is the lossless preview download link no longer working? I can't seem to grab it...

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Thought I'd address a few things :)

We're technically waiting on 4 tracks: Enchanted, Beneath the Moonlight, Distant Dreams on Stormy Seas, Deep Sea Lights (Ambient Mix). Emu already mentioned the scoop with the first two, so I thought I'd shine some light on the others.

• Distant Dreams is pretty much finished & has been since February. According to Emunator, Theophany has a massive FX/mastering chain going on with Stilt/Game Over that he doesn't want to get messed up, so he's waiting to render a final copy of the track in addition to Beneath the Moonlight when he finishes the latter. Seems pretty promising given Theo's impeccably gifted sense of sound design :D

• In addition to finishing up Stilt GBA, Theophany will be making a brand new Water World SNES bonus mix similar to what he did for Mama Bird. If his 2 minute concept demo for Water World is of any indication, I have no doubt that the actual track's going to be fantastic, so that's something else to look forward to! :D

Also, thought you'd be interested in knowing that the upcoming video preview will be showing another portion of Intoxica, among other tracks. Definitely'll be worth the wait, I can guarantee that much! :P

Not sure about the lossless preview download link. Doesn't seem to work for me either :/

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Wow, thanks for the thorough response!! Really appreciated, bro. :D Cool to know where everything's at. Theophany sounds like he's really working hard on this stuff; keep on rocking, man!

>the upcoming video preview will be showing another portion of Intoxica

this is Number One News

Absolutely great, everyone. Thanks again. :)

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He's had this concept in the works long before the final deadline. However, given that he's already done 4 songs for the project, I figured it would be fair to let him have a bit of extra time to finish up the other two that he'd already gotten a solid start on..

^ this. In addition to what Emunator said, it should be noted that the both of us would rather release a quality product in due time than remove tracks or have alternate artists rush out half-assed filler tracks, even if that means waiting a while for the last few to be finished. Theophany's tracks are among the very best of the album and his 8-minute, 90% finished Stilt Village GBA arrangement is right up there in terms of quality. Might seem like a long/pointless wait now, but the end result will be entirely worth it.

We've also been waiting on the artwork (specifically The Maverickk's stuff) and Drew Gourley, the video guy, to finish the final video preview... and for Prophecy to finish up Akuma's Enchanted. Even if Theophany's workload was 100% finished the album would more or less be in the same boat.

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Don't worry, it'll be out in due time. Meanwhile, there are a couple of other albums getting ready to come out too, so don't fret!

Don't try to peddle your sloppy seconds Mega Man X album here.

Ha ha, just kidding, yours and this one are at the top of my list!!

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I'm so excited for this album, I expect it will be amazing. DKC3's music is far too under-remixed, it's great to see it getting the coverage it deserves. I'm sad to hear that we have to wait until 2012, but the longer it takes, the more the awesomeness factor increases. Despite the long wait, the fans are still sticking with everyone involved.

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Wes gave me the ok to redo the old video preview as a lossless/high-quality audio preview with each track replaced by mirrored segments of the 100% finalized versions. This is by no means the final preview, but is instead a nice little bonus for those who perhaps wanted to hear how some of their most anticipated tracks sounded in comparison to the WIPs present in the original video preview. :)

(Lossless WAV Download)

(320 kbps MP3 stream)

Here's the (slightly modified) tracklist for convenience:


1. Let it Beat (Dixie Beat) - Brandon Strader ft. Usa

2. Joe Elm (Crazy Calypso) - 8-Bit Instrumental

3. K'ReMispheric Pressure (Northern Kremisphere) - halc

4. Unfinished Business (Swanky's Sideshow) - Matt Drouin

5. Thrill of the Chase (Hot Pursuit) - Flexstyle

6. Epic Bananas (Treetop Tumble) - Sole Signal

7. Deep Sea Lights (Water World) - Theophany

8. Intoxica (Pokey Pipes) - Radiowar

9. Krematoa Inferno (Mill Fever) - Mattias Häggström Gerdt

10. Breaking the Crystal Key (Mama Bird) - Theophany


1. The Paper Chase (Chase) - Diggi Dis

2. Ripsaw Boogie (Treetop Tumble) - ilp0

3. Tangerine Fever (Mill Fever) - Mazedude

4. Chasing Waterfalls (Cascade Capers) - Blue Magic

5. Vext (Pokey Pipes) - GSlicer

6. Aquatic Transformations (Water World) - Halc ft. Level 99

A few more minor things of interest:

1. The Enchanted WIP segment has been replaced with a segment of Deep Sea Lights, which will also be in the upcoming final video preview

2. Tangerine Fever's portion is completely different and will *also* be present in the video preview

3. Several tracks may either start a bit earlier than before or end a bit later

In all, if you enjoyed the original preview, I feel this one's worth a listen. Hopefully this'll suffice in the meantime for all of you awaiting the final video preview :D

edit: updated tracklist with original source titles.

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This is beautiful and you are beautiful for making it.

MAN, not gonna lie, Ripsaw Boogie didn't really interest me in the original preview (no offense, ilp0!), but this finished version sounds great! All of the finished tracks are really impressive. Tangerine Fever sounds AWESOME.

Also, hearing Deep Sea Lights just now was... man, that's gonna be a gorgeous track. Love the work Theophany did with the finished version of Breaking the Crystal Key, as well.

There's just so much to say about ALL of the tracks, but I think I'll leave it here, haha. I'm now even more excited for the final release. :D Thanks for the lossless download, Cody! :)

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