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'A New Place' music video

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Hey, I don't post here at all but I figured this is as good a time as any.

Maybe some of you remember that I made a sprite movie for Spittin' Narcissism way back in '08, well recently I've dusted off my copy of Flash and I'm back with a music video for 'A New Place', Nicole Adam's track on Serious Monkey Business!

Newgrounds Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/531093

Youtube Link:

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Some of the shifts were a bit jarring in the video, like the way the video shifted between scenes using just a shift horizontally, or the sudden return to Dixie when she's singing in the first time.

This was fun though, nice to see someone enjoyed the song this much to do this :-) !

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Pretty cool. Now I'll always picture that video when I hear the music. :)


Aren't they related?

No, you're thinking of Dixie and Kiddy, who are cousins. Dixie is Diddy's girlfriend.

Unless you're talking about the artists or something, who may have some relation I'm not aware of. o.o In which case I'll shut up now.

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